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Netsuite Bookkeeping & Maintenance Services


“One Stop Solution to run your Netsuite smoothly “

Regular Support & Maintenance

Full Responsibility from Day 1

Realtime Data & Report Verifications

netsuite erp integration
netsuite bookkeeping services
netsuite accounting services
Net Suite Certified
Net Suite Certified
Net Suite Certified

Data Migration from Legacy Systems

Migrate historical data from any system with 100% accuracy


Setup & Configurations

Get your Netsuite Configured to align with the designed Systems & Processes.


Accounting & Bookkeeping Maintenance

Regular Full charge accounting & reconciliations.


Netsuite Lifecyle Management

Our team manages your Netsuite right from the start till the final report delivery. We have expert team which can plan, implement & deliver all three stages of netsuite data migration, Netsuite Setup & configurations & Netsuite accounting & bookeeping.

Ledger Labs Services make a difference

Reduce time to Close

Improve Quality of Financial Reporting

Correct Landed Costs & Inventory Valuation

Integrations to streamline Data management

All in One Accounting

Much better Internal Controls

Accurate AP/AR Management

Customized Workflows as per Company process

What We Do

100% Netsuite focussed approach, along with regular updates

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Netsuite Controller

Netsuite Controller

Netsuite CFO & Advisory

Netsuite CFO & Advisory

Netsuite Admin & Troubleshooting

Netsuite Admin & Troubleshooting

Why Choose Us?

Over 10 years of Netsuite Experience

We are always excited to share the experience and knowledge with new Netsuite users!

Realtime Bookkeeping Services

Our team is always available to syncup with your timezone and ensure consistent and realtime services.

End to End Services

Very few accountants actually know Netsuite from technical stand point. We take pride in being the full service team.

Responsive & Responsible team

Proactiveness is our Strength and ensuring smooth operations of your business is our Goal.

Process & Module Documentations

We believe in documenting every process with minutest details so as to avoid errors and ensure easy handovers.

3 Stage checks for Accuracy

Our team structure & accounting process ensure that the data is checked and verified at 3 different stages for enhanced accuracy.


Netsuite Integrations

We specialize in various integrations with netsuite & resolving those issues. Connecting with Netsuite Customer support is a tedious task and does not necessarily always bring the results. We guarantee the results at a much lower rate than what netsuite premium customer support will charge you.



  • Design the systems
  • Setup the integrations
  • Maintain them


  • Troubleshoot any issues that arise

Farapp Netsuite Integration

Celigo Netsuite Integration

Hubspot Netsuite Integration

Salesforce Netsuite Integration

Amazon Netsuite Integration

Shopify Netsuite Integration Netsuite Integration

Avalara Netsuite Integration

Zapier Netsuite Integration

Workato Netsuite Integration

Celigo Connector integration
Farapp Connector
Avalara Netsuite Integration
SPS commerce
Tipalti AP AR management

Get An Industry Specific Custom Proposal & Consultation

Schedule a Consultation with our Co-Founder Gaurev Jane. You’ll get to know how are you doing currently on accounting side & will get an expert opinion on what you should do next.


Always Included: 

  • Expert, Birds eye review on Your future goals & current situation

  • A milestone based roadmap to reach your goals

  • Estimated Price Range for our services in case you ask for it.

Never Included:

  • High-Pressure Sales

  • Endless Followups

  • Generic “Financial-Speak”

Feel Free to schedule the call. We believe in interacting more often with the businesses to keep a tab on the current business scenarios and try to be more relevant to the needs of our clients.


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Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
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John Doe

Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
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John Doe

Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the capabilities of NetSuite, when it comes to Accounting?

NetSuite’s Accounting solution sports robust functionalities which couples core finances & accounting with proper compliance management. Functions include, but are not limited to – Financial Accounting, Payments Management, Financial Reporting, Order Management, Billing, Supply Chain / Inventory management and more. Noteworthy Features:

  • General Ledger
  • AR / AP
  • Assets Management
Can NetSuite handle multi-level businesses with subsidiaries around the world?

NetSuite has developed a specialized suite: NetSuite OneWorld to help manage the multi-national finances and operations of a global business. NetSuite OneWorld delivers real-time data and operates on a single unified data system which is much-needed when companies need to manage multi-subsidiary / multinational operations from a specific country. Features include:

  • Global ERP
  • Global CRM
  • Globad Ecommerce
  • Global SRP
  • International taxation compliance and more
    How do you communicate with clients? Is it all over the phone?

    At first, many CEOs have trouble visualizing how a Virtual CFO can help their organization. During our assessment review, we’ll show you specific examples of how your CFO can improve your company’s decision data and performance. 

    We will organize a combination of recurring phone calls and video meetings to interact with your team. Typically we will have a recurring call/meeting with your internal accounting lead weekly, a monthly financial review with the leadership team, and other check-in meetings with the owner/CEO for status updates and new initiatives. 

    What kind of team does our company gain access to?

    Our full-service Virtual CFO clients are assigned a CFO, two accountants and a tax manager.

    How does NetSuite help the order management process?
    NetSuite can improve order management process by automatically transitioning orders to shipping, logistics and even Accounts Receivables. For the ease of management, NetSuite also supports multi-step picking, packing and shipping while providing real-time visibility into the entire order management process with information such as order trends, order conversion rates etc. When it comes to shipping the final order, NetSuite makes it easy by integrating your shipping process with carriers like Fed-Ex or UPS.
    6. How soon can we start working together?

    For sanity reasons, we have limited our onboarding to no more than 4 new companies per month. Depending on demand, you may have to wait a few weeks before we can officially get things started.

    7. I'm nervous about giving you and your team access to my accounting infrastructure. How do you handle data security?

    We offer secure data-transfer via a client portal and have never experienced data security problems.

    Do I need to sign a contract?

    Well, we do have a contractual system, whereby clients agree ad authorize us to work on their behalf. The idea behind this is to ensure a smooth working relationship.

    How long will the onboarding process take?

    The on-boarding process can range from 1 month to 3 depending upon the scale of the business. There are several check-lists that we follow to ensure that the on-boarding process is completed effectively.

    Will the same people always service my account?

    Our Virtual CFOs all manage an experienced team. While that team may change (due to promotions, role changes, etc.) your assigned CFO will be your main point of contact and that will not change.  

    Will NetSuite help with my Production Control?

    NetSuite’s manufacturing module provides real-time data at every step of the production process. From sales order to work order processing, order fulfillment, costing etc. NetSuite’s Production Control Module does it all! Some features include:

    • Product data management
    • Quality assurance
    • Work Order management
    • MES
    • Planning & Scheduling
    My business is very complex. How will you be able to understand the work we do and quickly start helping?

    Our team consists of CFOs and controllers with many years of experience in a wide range of industries.  We match the specific person or people assigned to your team based on skill set, experience, and expertise to ensure they have knowledge about your industry.  The only thing we need to learn is how you conduct your particular business operations, but in terms of your industry, we can add value immediately. 

    What size companies does LedgerLabs work with?

    The need for good financial management is not a function of size; almost every business can benefit from the activities of a CFO. Generally though, we work with companies ranging from $1 million to $20 million in annual sales, although some are smaller and some are larger.

    What are some NetSuite product features for small to mid-size Retailers?

    NetSuite for Retailers provides an omni-channel experience to customers across web, mobile, in-store to enhance the buying experience. Product features include, but not limited to:

    • In-store POS management
    • Ecommerce management
    • CRM & Marketing
    • Order Management & Fulfillment
    • Business intelligence & reporting
    • SCM
    • Accounting & Financial Management
    What about NetSuite data migration?

    Before NetSuite begins data migration, be sure that you cleanse the data. Your data should be segregated and meet NetSuite requirements. NetSuite recommends doing this so that the data importing transition is smooth and doesn’t affect your business.

    To prepare for data migration, you must identify your master data. Ensure that you communicate with NetSuite if you have multiple places where your data resides.

    Then, you must determine what method you will use to import your data. Importing can be done through a CSV file or third-party tool.

    The final step is planning for the import. Be sure to have a data migration plan in place so there are no surprises.

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