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Control your business with our Controller Services

Track every $ in & out of the system

Every financial activity documented

Tighter compliance and processes

Indepth & Regular reporting package

What is a Controller? How they can help your business?

A controller can help you consolidate the disparate processes, technology, and people that have gotten you this far & provides a layer of accountability for bookkeepers and accountants, ensuring that each is doing the required work—from keeping up with timelines to adhering to financial expectations to compiling reports—to reach the company’s goals on time.

A controller sees strategic goals through to completion.Tracks the company’s overall budget.Ensures you’re hitting your budget and margins. While not ideal, it’s worth noting that if needed, a controller can also do an accountant’s job, such as close the books.

Our controller-led team will deliver the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks and add to that the internal controls, sophisticated reporting, and process expertise that will help you sleep well at night and put you in a position for success.

Plus, when your needs require a cost-effective pathway to receiving fractional CFO-level guidance on a project or ongoing basis, we are accustomed to managing that progression and we’ll work together to develop a roadmap that addresses your needs and meets your budget.

Does This Sounds Like You?

  • Your Reporting is not helping you make business decisions
  • Often a times you find errors in books.
  • The time spent on monthly close is beyond your understanding.
  • You are getting a superficial view of your finances.
  • Your financial systems are not growing as your business is growing.
  • Your financial team is not able to answer your questions related to financials well.

How We’ll Do it For You

Reviewing day to day financial operations

Our controllers will track the financial activity on a daily basis and ensure the accuracy of accounting treatment along with advisory on how to best handle them. They will act as a balancer in your finance department.

Month End Closings

Controllers help to close the books within a deadline  and here we contribute by creating detailed checklists with timeline, budgeted hours & responsible person.

Missed deadlines are costly for any business as it does not give sufficient time for the management to respond to the latest information about their business.

Internal Controls & Procedures

Every system has an inherent entropy. A controller works to build processes & systems for accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting, so that this entropy is kept under check and the controls are being built to consistently check the accuracy of data. The controls and procedures must be dynamic, responding to the changing dynamics of the business.

Compliance & Doc management

Every finance department should know tax and financial compliance requirements & implications inside and out. Our Controllers ensure that your company follows defined processes for keeping track of revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities, so you stay in compliance.

Reporting Package

We build customized dashboards and reporting package for your business depending on your business KPIs and industry. The reporting package contains commentary on financials and includes industry wide benchmarking. The reporting contents are reviewed every month so as to retain the relevance of reports.

Budgetary Controls

Our Controllers will make sure that every financial transaction is happening as per our budgetary guidelines. Any deviation from the plan shall be reported and scrutinized into “Why” & “How to control in future”.

Client Procedure Manual

We focus a lot on the systems and processes. We have a 100+ points process checklist with documentations on every process ranging from your customer communication to the year end tax adjustments. This procedure manual has been developed after years of experience and continuously evolving tools and processes.

Get Ready to Control your Business Finances!

Our Controller team will work alongside you to ensure you get the maximum transparency in your business finances.

Understand & control your cash flows

We help you understand what drives your cashflow fluctuations, how you can control & whats the future looks like with that cashflow.

Define Problems and their practical solutions

Our experienced accountants use data backed approach to identify the problems & help you find the practical solutions suitable to your business and situations

Control Costs & Increase Profits

Controlling costs is not as simple as reducing purchases or purchase prices. It needs logical assumptions and calculations, that is where we come in.

Review and control your Business KPIs

Sales is not the only Performance indicator. We can identify more than 50 performance indicators & suggest how to keep them under control.

Automate Manual Tasks

Controllers spot out the inefficiencies in the current process and automate as much as possible to reduce the time for month closing and reduce chances of errors as well.

Avoid Financial Disasters & Debt traps

Make business decisions which do not put your business in danger. Overstocking at possible slow season or taking too much debt at incorrect time can put your hard work in danger.


Free up Existing CFO to focus on high value tasks

Do not let your costly resources to be engaged in controller level activities. Utilize your CFO to their maximum potential by focussing on their core duties.

Optimize CPA fees to cleanup books

Do not pay your pricey CPA for the year end cleanups. The cleanups can take several hours and will eventually be costlier than having a controller manage it for you through out the year.

Seamlessly perform the Month End Closings

Do not let the monthly closings delayed by unforeseen events. Our controllers take into account for every variable and respond accordingly based on their experience.

Customer Testimonials

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Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
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Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
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Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Generally, How much does a controller cost?

According to a recent survey by ledger labs, Average annual salaries for full-time, in-house controllers are in range from $70K to $150K. But with an accounting firm like Ledger Labs, you can get the same or better quality at a fraction of the cost.

2. My business is very complex. How will you be able to understand the work we do and quickly start helping?

Our team consists of CFOs and controllers with many years of experience in a wide range of industries.  We match the specific person or people assigned to your team based on skill set, experience, and expertise to ensure they have knowledge about your industry.  The only thing we need to learn is how you conduct your particular business operations, but in terms of your industry, we can add value immediately. 

3. How do I know that my information is secure?

LedgerLabs puts security measures in place for all confidential information. Financials are stored in a data center with multiple levels of security that can only be accessed by Ledgerlabs and the client.  In addition, sensitive information is encrypted and uploaded to the client’s private portal.  There is a two-factor authentication to login to the portal to safeguard accounts and information at all times. Employees must pass a background check to be hired at Ledger Labs, and the company is fully insured for cyber and crime security.

4. How can I get started?

Just click on the Schedule Free Consultation button on top, fill in your details and our team will get the ball rolling.

5. Can i sign up for just controller service or does it have to be the complete finance function?

The role of a remote financial controller is multi-fold. He not only manages the day to day transactions but helps you with making meaning of the financial data/reports that help you take business decisions to grow and scale. Our services are best utilised if you hire us for both bookkeeping & controller roles.

6. How can I connect with my online controller?

Our controllers are easy to reach & will communicate with you in many different ways including phone, email, text message and zoom, whatever works best for you.

7. Can i end the contract in between?

Generally, we don’t have this situation with our clients, but in case you want to, you can end the contract anytime writing an email to your accountant.

8. How long will the onboarding process take?

The on-boarding process can range from 1 month to 3 depending upon the scale of the business. There are several check-lists that we follow to ensure that the on-boarding process is completed effectively.

9. Why doesn’t my Controller do all these services you mentioned?

Your “Controller” is not really a Controller. Many companies have someone who they call their Controller. Often these individuals are involved in bookkeeping tasks (i.e. paying bills, running payroll, etc.). If your “Controller” is not involved in financial analysis, budgeting, overhead control and cash flow planning, then your “Controller” is more of a bookkeeper.

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