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Are the Finances and accounts of your business interrupting your sleep? Communicate with us.

Whether you are looking for full-time bookkeeping or accounting services or want to match the short-term controller needs, we at LedgerLabs can be your trustworthy finance partners helping you with everything you need for the growth of your business.

We work with your needs, goals and budget to provide you with customized pricing to fit your specific needs. 

Next steps…

    1. Complete the Online Form
    Get an idea about our pricing structure and connect with an expert to help us analyze your needs and requirements.
    2. Figure Out KPI and Challenges
    We will conduct extensive research related to the achievements and shortcomings of your business and use them for the benefit of your organization.
    3. Devise a Plan of Action
    Once the challenges and other attributes are found out, we will lay out a plan of action for your organization and its processes to follow for the best.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long does it take to get started?

    For the onboarding of new clients, we employ a rapid but effective procedure. We are able to meet all of your demands right away. However, it would be ideal if you give us some time to investigate your business so we can better understand it. The full process of grasping the business, optimizing the present accounting procedure, developing, putting into practice, and reporting on policies may take between 30 and 90 days to complete.

    2. Do you offer discounts for pre-revenue companies?

    Yes, we at Ledger Labs, offer discounts for all pre-revenue companies. All the suitable companies will get a rebate of around $300/month. However, this discount is for the first year only. For more details, you can communicate with our team.

    3. How do prices change as I grow?

    It’s nice and easy to know the pricing structure beforehand and then proceed with caution. To increase the price, we take the average of the preceding books (3 months) and ascertain your present expenses. Additionally, we will also ascertain the ways in which your connections, transactions, and support hours have seen a change.

    4. How do you base your price?

    We like to be upfront with our charges and prices. The price of the project varies from business to business. Factors like the number of transactions, scale of the business, total revenue, and other complexities come into play while decking the price. Hence, to provide you with an accurate number related to pricing, we conduct some research related to your business, its operations, and performance and then quote the same to you in due time.

    5. When I prepay for a year, does that lock in my price?

    Yes, if we talk about consistency, then the bigger package means that the cost of services will also reduce subsequently. However, when your business grows, the transactions and daily operations also increase. This means that the bookkeeper, accountants, and other personnel will spend more power and resources on recording and financial management. Additionally, you may also need to add some personnel to work smoothly. In such cases, the price of the same services tends to increase. We will notify you about the same beforehand, and then send the updated invoice to you in due time.

    6. Are there any one–time fees when I sign up for Ledger Labs?

    No, we never charge any onboarding fees from our clients. However, to ensure the smooth performance and working of the onboarding process, we have the Policy to Retain in place. This retainer fee sums up to a rough amount of the one month’s maintenance fees.

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