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accounting and bookkeeping services

Accounting & Bookkeeping

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Controller Services

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CFO Advisory Services

Netsuite Bookkeeping

We specialize in Netsuite Accounting & Bookkeeping services for Small to Midsize Businesses.








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How it will help your business

Automate Manual Tasks
Controllers spot out the inefficiencies and automate as much as possible to reduce the time for month closing and reduce chances of errors as well.
Timely Financial Decisions

With a dedicated team working, you will have scheduled reportings delivered on fixed day, fixed format and detailed commentary.

Understand & control your cash flows

We help you understand what drives your cashflow fluctuations, how you can control & what the future looks like with that cashflow.

tax and bookkeeping services
KPIs for faster business growth

As your business matures, our seasoned CFOs will help you map out industry and growth-stage relevant KPIs and build processes.

Saving time for Yourself & Business

Getting too much engaged in daily transactions leaves little for your CORE expertise i.e Grow your business. We give you that time back.

Avoid Financial Disasters & Debt traps

Overstocking at possible slow season or taking too much debt at incorrect time can put your hard work in danger.

what you can expect

Go with the Best!

Extensive Accounting & Advisory Experience
Extensive Accounting & Advisory Experience

Accountants with experience of working with top 500 companies & variety of industries.

Responsive & Unlimited Communication
Responsive & Unlimited Communication

We understand the importance of discussions/communications. We reach out to you before you reach out to us.

Fixed price quotes & transparent billing
Fixed price quotes & transparent billing

With Fixed pricing model & Timetracked billing, our effective hourly rates are low and hours genuine. No Hidden charges.

Technologically Advanced
Technologically Advanced

We focus extensively on technology. Our team develops inhouse tools & experiments with latest technologies to give you the best possible reportings.

Industry Specific Reporting
Industry Specific Reporting

Our reporting is very specific & woven around crucial parameters as per your industry standards.

Accurate Reports
Accurate Reports

With 3 level of controls & regular audits, we take pride in delivering consistently accurate financials.

One dedicated Bookkeeper
One dedicated Bookkeeper

You will get one dedicated bookkeeper, accountant & manager to ensure consistency.

Practical & Friendly advice
Practical & Friendly advice

Get well thought out advice which is practically implementable & considers your long term goals.

Limited Client Intake
Limited Client Intake

Undivided focus on your business as we tend to have a limited client intake in proportion to our team capacity.

We ARE a Good fit

If you Currently Face these problems:

  • Financial Statements Never On Time
  • Never sure of when to hire
  • Never be clear about your business targets
  • Accounting Staff Unable to Perform Responsibilities
  • Unable to Make Key Business Decisions
  • Financial Records Inaccurate or Incomplete
  • Complex Accounting Is Challenging Resources
  • Lack of Accounting Automation & Technology
  • Stuck in the Day-to-Day Details & Operations
accounting business services
online bookkeeping services

If your organization is:

  • A USA-based corporation or subsidiary
  • Is, in any way, connected to the finance domain or ‘numbers’
  • Generates an annual revenue, through legal operations, of over $1 Million
  • Looking for:
  • Advanced and latest technology
  • Ways to secure all the financial information
  • Management techniques to control high-level accounting
  • Advanced and reliable costing and other forms of reporting
  • Ways to ease up accounting as a whole
  • Ways to generate and improve efficiency via simplification of accounting

Get An Industry Specific Custom Proposal & Consultation

Schedule a Consultation with our Co-Founder Gaurev Jane. You'll get to know how are you doing currently on accounting side & will get an expert opinion on what you should do next.

Always Included:

  • Expert, Birds eye review on your company's financial health, processes, any points of concerns & future growth plans.
  • A milestone based specific roadmap to reach your goals.
  • Learning about what type of services you need & if we can help you.
  • Estimated Price Range for our services in case you ask for it.

Never Included:

  • High-Pressure Sales
  • Endless Followups
  • Generic "Financial-Speak"

Feel Free to schedule the call. We believe in interacting more often with the businesses to keep a tab on the current business scenarios and try to be more relevant to the needs of our clients.

Fill out the information to the right, or if you are available right now, give us a call at (888) 333-0992


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Customer Testimonials

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I was quite skeptical while onboarding Ledger Labs after the mess that my accountant created. But I am glad that I took this chance. They had complete knowledge of NetSuite and they helped me have all the accounting processes in place. Gaurav is my go-to man for anything from manufacturing to sales. He and his team knows what we need and they plan everything accordingly. The best part is that they customize things according to your business requirement and play a key role in the growth of your firm. At least for me and my company, their magic has perfectly worked. When they are there to look after, you can sleep peacefully. So, I highly recommend them.

John Doe

Janette Elizebeth

right quote sign

Though we collaborated with Ledger Labs long ago, we did not realize how precious they are to us until the past year when they handled the most complicated financial affairs of our company smoothly and in a very organized way. When they are with us, we find nobody as worthy as the Ledger Labs team to handle our finances and all other business-related services. Trust me, with them on board, you hardly have to worry about any financial aspect of your firm. And this is what makes them the best and the only choice for us now and forever.

John Doe

Paul Paige

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One of my CFOs recommended Ledger Labs and I tried to try their services as an alternative to my then-accounting team. The people from Ledger Labs made a few transformations in our account books, which worked wonders. I can say that they did things that I had always wanted my organization to have. They lived not only up to my expectations but beyond that. Their efforts and abilities certainly matched our KPIs and I was finally satisfied. They tackle our monthly reconciliations, annual reconciliations, and also participate in various other accounting and payroll services that we have to manage. They are no more an outsider for us. They are family.

John Doe

Courtney Taylor

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As a startup, we had a difficulty in handling our business finances properly. But thanks to Ledger Labs that we found an organized team of experts to take care of our financial activities in the best possible way. They started with exploring our structure and procedures and gradually suggested the best systems to deploy into our business and ensure the accurate and reliable presentation of data through our financial statements, be it the Charts of Accounts or a balance sheet. From helping us prepare the expense report to offering valuable technology-related advice, they groomed us and helped us grow with time. Ledger Labs is a one-man army that helps us deal with anything to everything, and having them on board is a sigh of relief as an owner for sure.

John Doe

Lauren Olson


Since partnering with us, Our Clients Featured in

Business Insider
Fast Company
yahoo Finance

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