Inventory Management Services

Complete Inventory accounting solutions for your Product based business.  
  • Optimized Merchandising Planning with Enhanced Insights
  • In-Depth Inventory Accounting Expertise 
  • Understanding of Sales Channel Dynamics
  • Technology Implementation for Reporting & Tracking
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Managing Inventory remains the biggest challenge for any inventory based business. Having worked with 1000s of CPG brands, we understand your unique and consistent problems.

While working on these problems, we have refined our solutions which are customized as per your business needs and align with your business goals.

With our expertise, you can focus on growing your sales while we handle the intricate details of inventory accounting, ensuring you never miss a beat. Trust us to bring clarity and efficiency for inventory management services giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Inventory Management Services with Customized Accounting Solutions

Inventory Forecasting

  • Forecasting for new product launches
  • Forecasting with consideration of marketing efforts
  • Forecasting on the basis of Sales velocity & seasonal patterns
  • To never get out of stock, hence avoiding risk of losing sales to competitors
  • Forecasting to reduce inventory storage costs & have optimum inventory levels

Optimization of Inventory Storage Cost

  • Drop shipping vs Storage strategy.
  • Comparing costs of FBA vs TPL warehousing
  • Strategy to get rid of slow-moving or dead stock
  • Reducing storage costs by reordering optimal inventory quantity
  • Reducing inventory lead time by redesigning company policies & logistics process
  • Rationalizing product mix to store fast-moving products with shorter lead times

PO Management

  • Better relationship with your suppliers
  • Following up with vendors on PO status
  • Tracking all costs throughout the process
  • Managing PO’s Payments & impact on cashflow
  • EDI Orders Management through SPS Commerce
  • Management of POs for better inventory tracking & planning

Inventory Costing

  • First In, First Out (FIFO)
  • Last In, First Out (LIFO)
  • Weighted Average Cost (WAC)
  • Accounting for the Effect of Various costs along the supply chain

Inventory Shrinkage Control

  • Regular review of Inventory adjustments, Lost & found
  • Analyzing the reason for inventory shrinkages in TPL & amazon reports

Inventory Tracking & Costing Analysis

  • Analyzing costing of products at various stages
  • Track inventory in warehouse, in transit, in production

Dropshipping Management

  • Managing vendor AP & customer AR
  • Accounting for Shipping costs & returns
  • Ensuring customer orders are fulfilled by vendors on time

ABC Inventory Analysis

  • Manage better stock turnover ratio
  • Reduce inventory storage expenses
  • Better availability to stock & reduced chances of stock outs

Optimal Inventory Reordering Frequency &volume

Defining reordering strategy on the basis of EOQ, Sales forecasting, inventory storage costs etc

TPL inventory management services small business

Coordinating with TPL for reports & optimizing the storage for inventory costing
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Being an inventory-focused firm, we can support you in areas where other firms don't even think to look.

How it works

Providing Businesses with the Best Inventory Management Solutions

Review & Assessment

  • Defining & documenting processes
  • Evaluating employee training needs
  • Suggesting improvements for storage areas
  •  Recommendations for better information flow
  •  Reviews & suggestions on order picking methods
  •  Evaluation & recommendation of cost accounting practices 


  • Implementation or optimization of software technologies 
  • Development & implementation of productivity tracking systems 
  • Implementation of cycle counting & physical inventory programs 
  • Advice on material handling & warehouse designing 
  • Alterations to inventory valuation methods 
  • Modification for improvement of inventory management & cost accounting 

Administering & Reporting

  • Optimization of inputs for inventory decision-making tools 
  • Optimization of inputs for job costing decision-making tools 
  • Conducting regular inventory cost reviews, audits & evaluations 
  • Overseeing loss prevention for fraud & detection 
  • Report generation on working capital or collateral agreements 
  • Preparation for audits & tracking of product margins 

Scalable Solutions Every Time with Ledger Labs

Reliable resolution to overturn your inventory faster and avoid merchandising hiccups

Integrated Inventory Management Systems

Removing the hassles of inventory forecasting with our integrated solutions to club up with your brand’s enabled system and provide crucial real time analysis of inventory across platforms.

Automated Reordering

Track and order inventory and merchandising no more. With our seamless automation, we leave no room for errors. our detailed inventory management system will access & order to ensure your business has just the right amount of stock! 

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Redefine your merchandise inventory planning with our highly advanced analytical tools for inventory management services oriented to forecast demands, identifies updated trends and aids you with well informed decisions.

Support & Training

We provide ongoing support and training to help you with setup, troubleshooting, or optimizing your inventory processes, we are here to assist you.

Data Consistency

Our streamlined data services ensure consistency across multiple systems, providing your business with in-depth clarity.

Custom Solutions

Our business proposition is to provide your brand with customized solutions, helping in attaining unique goals and detailed resolutions.

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Questions frequently asked by our clients

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Inventory management software is a tool designed to help businesses track, manage, and organize their inventories. It is specifically crucial for startups and small businesses as it empowers them with real-time access and control over their merchandise inventory, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Inventory management is the overseeing and controlling of order processing, storing, and using components that scale the production. It involves management of finished products for an effective business model. Inventory management systems essentially ensure adequate stocking and implementation of products for businesses.

Primary purpose of inventory management solutions is to streamline as well as optimize inventory stocks. Incorporating such a system empowers businesses to improve operational efficiency.

Such solutions are essential in avoiding stock issues and improve overall customer satisfaction. Inventory management solutions provide SMEs and startups with tools needed to maintain optimal inventory levels and forecast trending demands.

A warehouse management system (WMS) is not the same as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, but it is a component of an ERP system.

Inventory management is important as it impacts business's ability directly. It ensures stock balance, maintaining budget and costing.

Warehouse management system basic functioning is to provide tools for tracking and inventory management within warehouses. It can be a central system which connects all warehouses to a single source or maintain individual warehouse inventory details.

Inventory is maintained to ensure accuracy in terms of stock records, order fulfilment and planning processes. Maintaining regular inventory updates helps businesses have a grasp over the real-time stock levels.

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