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CFO & Accounting Services for Startups

We help your STARTUP to thrive despite all the odds

Always Be Investor Ready With Our Startup Bookkeeping

Automate your business process

Avoid hefty bills, bookkeeping errors and process delays by automating the recurring tasks & data flow.

Get Accurate & Reliable Financials

Financials filtered through 3 stage checks with proven controls and procedures.

Get advice from the experienced MBAs & CPAs

Experienced MBAs & CPAs with proven experience of working with funded startups.

Understand and control your Business KPIs

Sales is not the only Performance indicator. We can identify more than 50 performance indicators & suggest how to keep them under control.

Create a sustainable business growth model

Discounts are not the solution to increase sales. Your decisions should impact your business growth for long term. We help you build the right fundamentals for long term sustainable growth.

Get right money at the right time

Dont dilute your hardearned equity unnecessarily. Take decisions which get you the right type of money (equity or debt) at right time.

STARTUP Accounting!


Get your books arranged and managed as per GAAP.


We control every cent going in and out of your business along with timely reportings.

CFO Services

We Plan, model out and analyze your business performance.


Get Sales tax & Income tax compliant throughout the year.


Process timely payrolls & fed/state compliances

Why STARTUPS Choose Us?



Get support from experienced team for decision ready reports.



Avoid costly mistakes and weed out the inefficiencies to optmize cash burn for longer innings.



Do not waste time in searching multiple providers for multiple services. Have one stop solution for all your startup financial needs.



Many of our startup clients have joined the big league and we have become a trusted source of services for startups across USA.



We deliver indepth insights to our clients by developing modelling solutions with interconnected datasets thus helping them make confident decisions.


One of our most comprehensive models widely used by businesses to understand the 360 degree view of various variables on the business performance..


Get confident pricing of your business, whether its for investors or measuring company growth.


Present your investors a strong pitch for investment, backed by data prepared by seasoned professionals.


Do not feel suddenly stranded in middle looking for cash. Forecast now and plan for the future.


Numbers do not make much sense until they are compared. get your KPIs compared and see where you stand.



Do not worry about figuring out the sales tax conundrum. We will review your business nexus and take the appropriate action.


Get the correct structure setup and do not wait for months for your licenses and registrations.


Get your taxes filed within deadlines without leaving minutest of the details.


Do not leave money on the table. We will get you the maximum tax credits possible for both Fed & State.


We apply valuation methodologies and assumptions that are specifically tailored to your unique situation within USAPAP guidelines.


We manage all your quarterly and annual compliances ourselvers for you without you having to worry about it.

Get An Industry Specific Custom Proposal & Consultation

Schedule a Consultation with our Co-Founder Gaurev Jane. You'll get to know how are you doing currently on accounting side & will get an expert opinion on what you should do next.

Always Included:

  • Expert, Birds eye review on your company's financial health, processes, any points of concerns & future growth plans.
  • A milestone based specific roadmap to reach your goals.
  • Learning about what type of services you need & if we can help you.
  • Estimated Price Range for our services in case you ask for it.

Never Included:

  • High-Pressure Sales
  • Endless Followups
  • Generic "Financial-Speak"

Feel Free to schedule the call. We believe in interacting more often with the businesses to keep a tab on the current business scenarios and try to be more relevant to the needs of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just finished scrawling my idea on the back of a napkin (Pre-Seed). How can you help?

We and the smart experts at Ledger Labs can help you:

  • Select the type of corporation you should opt
  • Create and set up an entity according to your requirements and preferences.
  • Ascertain the pitch and performance to motivate the investors.
  • Help with the entire process of financing and banking
2. VCs are calling me asking to invest, but erm, what is a pitch deck? How can you help me with it?

If you have an idea about the basics of a subject matter, we can easily help you out with:

  • Providing a brutally honest opinion about the pitch deck and helping you create the same if sought.
  • The process to create a financial plan of action related to the use of budget over the period as invested by investors.
  • The development of books of accounts and other statements that are extensively ready for action whenever a board member or investor seeks them.
  • Taking care of everything required at the end of a financial year like tax calculations, filing, and other requirements.
  • Sorting, if you think your books of accounts and statements are messy.
  • The setting up of the payroll
  • Manage and integrate auditing and valuation as and when required.
  • Other tasks (stock option management, cap table management, etc.)
3. I just burned through all the seed money. What's next?

Once you are the next step after managing and allocating the seed money, the experts at Ledger Labs can easily help you:

  • With the recording and management of daily transactions and operations.
  • Reconcile the credit cards, bank accounts, and other financial accounts with different corporations.
  • Follow and develop statements and books of accounts according to the US GAAP compliances.
  • Taking care of everything required at the end of a financial year like tax calculations, filing, and other requirements.
  • Management of the vendors as well as the accounts payable.
  • Collect payments from the customers along with sending the required invoices.
  • The development of books of accounts and other statements that are extensively ready for action whenever a board member or investor seeks them.
4. I have millions in the bank and want to move to a bigger office. How can you help?

If you think your current office is failing to meet your business requirements, then we can help you:

  • Ascertain the KPIs and work alongside for the betterment of the business and pave way for new investments and investors.
  • Present all the required data in front of the managers, investors, members of the board, and other related parties.
  • Help you take full control over insurance policies, vendor contracts, leases, and more.
  • Create reports for taxes, manage the payroll, etc.
5. I think I'd like to exit now. How can you help me with the process?

Despite the reason behind your exit, we can help you get the following things done for a smoother experience:

  • Ensure that all the requirements of due diligence are up and ready to go.
  • Communicate with the third party and agree after negotiations.
  • Pave the way for existing employment contracts and founder earnouts
6. What financial records should I keep for my startup?

To keep a startup up and running smoothly at all times, you should save the following documents with you:

  • Receipts and vouchers for all the transactions amounting to over $75.
  • Receipts and bills for all kinds of purchases related to your business and its operations.
  • Statements of the company credit card and its bank accounts.
  • All the tax returns filed in the previous year(s)
  • Forms under 1099 and W2
  • Balance sheets, income statements, and the cash flow statements
7. For how long should I keep my financial records?

To be on the safer side, it is always recommended that an organization keeps the records of the documents from at least 7 previous years. For the same, we recommend you store the statements and documents in a safe space that is easily accessible to you if the need to cross-check the same arises. If you are facing some problems doing this, then the experts at Ledger Labs can help you.

8. Where can I find startup accounting services?

At Ledger Labs, you can find the best and most reliable startup accounting services at reasonable and affordable rates.

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Customer Testimonials

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As a startup, we had a difficulty in handling our business finances properly. But thanks to Ledger Labs that we found an organized team of experts to take care of our financial activities in the best possible way. They started with exploring our structure and procedures and gradually suggested the best systems to deploy into our business and ensure the accurate and reliable presentation of data through our financial statements, be it the Charts of Accounts or a balance sheet. From helping us prepare the expense report to offering valuable technology-related advice, they groomed us and helped us grow with time. Ledger Labs is a one-man army that helps us deal with anything to everything, and having them on board is a sigh of relief as an owner for sure.

Lauren Olson

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I began my journey as a start-up owner in a rush and I knew the least about the financial aspects and registration aspects of beginning a new company. Ledger Labs helped us in every way possible. They have been with me since the inception of my business and I am pretty sure, they will continue being with the brand for many generations to come.

Marion White

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As a startup, my partner and I thought that handling financial functions would be easy, given the limited inflow and outflow of monetary resources. But we were absolutely wrong. When Ledger Labs people became a part of our business, we realize what were we doing wrong. With professionals like them, you can keep your work life balance maintained, which we forgot about while working hard to take our venture to new heights. They helped us discover the smart way of working less and more profit.

Curtis Olsen

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Jumping into the startup ecosystem is too stressful in itself. Plus, when you have only critics around, life becomes hell. It’s then, when someone with a positive attitude enters your life. For me, it was Ledger Labs. They not only handled my startup well, but also shared financial knowledge with me, which developed in me the skills of interpreting financial data properly.

Lynette Frantz


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