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Hitting roadblocks hard in your startup journey?

No more. It could be that you’re just setting up or you’re years deep into it, Startup accounting is a whole different ball game. One that can get increasingly exasperating as you hit roadblocks given below.

In our journey of over 12 years of helping startups flourish, we’ve realized that most of them face similar problems. They just manifest differently. So we thought, why not create processes and procedures using startup accounting software and simplify your accounting and bookkeeping.


Step up your startup game!

With over 12 years of experience, we have crafted thousands of processes and procedures and created just the right startup accounting services for you.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Get your books arranged and managed as per GAAP.

Financial Controller Services

We record and report every cent going in and out of your business.

CFO Services for Startup

We plan, do financial modeling, and analyze your business performance.

Tax Advisory and Management

Stay sales tax and income tax compliant throughout the year.

Payroll Management

Process timely payrolls and fed/state compliances

ERP Implementation and Maintenance

Set up, integration and maintenance of ERP systems

Good for you

Why go for outsourced accounting for startups!

Top Notch Consulting

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Schedule a free consultation now with Gary Jain, Co-founder at Ledger Labs. He’s a certified accountant with 12+ years of multidimensional experience in helping small to midsized businesses grow and manage their revenues.

Get hands-on knowledge and astute advice on your financials in an engaging power-packed 30 minutes session.

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Know & Resolve

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Budgeting, Forecasting, FP&A

Financial Planning and Modelling

Our exceptional financial planning and modelling services are guaranteed to help your business grow. You can trust our expertise and experience to provide insightful and strategic startup accounting services that will elevate your business to the next level.

Get accurate pricing of your business for investors or for measuring company growth.

We deliver in-depth insights to our clients by developing modelling solutions with interconnected datasets. This helps them make informed decisions.

One of our most comprehensive models, widely used by businesses to understand 360-degree view of different business performance variables.

Present your investors with a strong pitch. Use accurate data prepared by seasoned professionals.

Numbers do not make much sense until they are compared. Get your KPIs compared with competitors and see where you stand.

Do not feel suddenly stranded in middle looking for cash. Forecast now and plan for the future.

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Right taxes. Right Time.

Tax Compliance and Tax Filings

Never miss tax deadlines again. Get all the legit tax deductions and stay up to date on tax compliances by connecting with our startup tax accountants.

We apply valuation methodologies and assumptions that are specifically tailored to your unique situation within usage guidelines.

Get your taxes filed within deadlines without leaving minutest of the details.

Don’t leave money on the table. We’ll get you the maximum tax credits possible for both fed and state.

Get the correct structure setup and don’t wait for months to get your licenses and registrations.

We’ll manage all your quarterly and annual compliances ourselves for you without you having to worry about them.

Having trouble figuring out the sales tax conundrum? We’ll review your business nexus and take appropriate action.

A-Level Listing

Best Outsourced Accounting for Startups

Featured on several A-level listings and ratings, we are among the top accounting services for startups!

Our Testimonials

See what are clients are saying!

Ariel Robinson Founder & CEO

My main problem always has been to know my accurate profits & this is precisely what ledger labs helped me with. They went through my entire supply chain costs, my monthly operational expenses, and COGS and got me the correct costing of my goods and the cost of running the business. Now I know how much I need to sell & at what price I should sell it to be profitable.

Patrick Nichols CFO

Since working with Ledger labs, our bookkeeping and Controller processes have been streamlined. The routine accounting tasks are managed on a predictable schedule, and checklists are used to ensure that all required documents are processed within the proper deadlines. We have improved the accuracy and timeliness of our financial statements and other crucial accounting functions at a lower cost than what was being paid to employees.

Amanda Fludd CEO

We have a unique business, and almost all the accounting firms we have engaged so far have been unable to get a hold of our business. But Ledger Labs really took the bull by its horn. They understood our business better than us & created a very customized process & systems to streamline our accounting department. We now have detailed step-by-step process documentation, checklists & schedule of reports.

Donna Thompson Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

We have been aggressively growing. They always have out-of-the-box solutions & don't rely on conventional approach or give us standard solutions. They always keep our business & process in centre before advising a solution.

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Questions Frequently Asked by Our Clients

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Our business experts at Ledger Labs can help you:

1. Select the type of corporation you should opt.
2. Create and set up an entity according to your requirements and preferences.
3. Ascertain the pitch and performance to motivate the investors.
4. Help with the entire process of financing and banking.

If you have an idea about the basics of a subject matter, we can easily help you out with:

1. Providing a brutally honest opinion about the pitch deck and helping you create the same, if sought.
2. Devising process to create a financial plan of action related to the use of budget over the period as invested by investors.
3. Development of books of accounts and other statements that are extensively ready for action whenever a board member or investor seeks them.
4. Taking care of everything required at the end of a financial year like tax calculations, filing, and other requirements.
5. Sorting, if you think your books of accounts and statements are messy.
6. Setting up of the payroll, if needed.
7. Managing and integrating audit and valuation as and when required.
8. Other tasks like stock option management, cap table management and more.

Once you are through with the next step after managing and allocating the seed money, the experts at Ledger Labs can easily help you:

1. With the recording and management of daily transactions and operations.
2. Reconcile the credit cards, bank accounts, and other financial accounts with different corporations.
3. Follow and develop statements and books of accounts according to the US GAAP compliances.
4. Taking care of everything required at the end of a financial year like tax calculations, filings, and other requirements.
5. Management of the vendors as well as the accounts payable.
6. Collect payments from the customers along with sending the required invoices.
7. Development of books of accounts and other statements that are extensively ready for action whenever a board member or investor seeks them.

If you think your current office is failing to meet your business requirements, then we can help you:

1. Ascertain the KPIs and work alongside for the betterment of the business and pave way for new investments and investors.
2. Present all the required data in front of the managers, investors, members of the board, and other related parties.
3. Help you take full control over insurance policies, vendor contracts, leases, and more.
4. Create reports for taxes, manage the payroll, etc.

Irrespective of the reason behind your exit, we can help you get the following things done for a smoother experience:

1. Ensure that all the requirements of due diligence are up and ready to go.
2. Communicate with the third party and agree after negotiations.
3. Pave the way for existing employment contracts and founder earnouts.

To keep a startup up and running smoothly at all times, you should save the following documents with you:

1. Receipts and vouchers for all the transactions amounting to over $75.
2. Receipts and bills for all kinds of purchases related to your business and its operations.
3. Statements of the company credit card and its bank accounts.
4. All the tax returns filed in the previous year(s).
5. Forms under 1099 and W2
6. Balance sheets, income statements, and the cash flow statements

To be on the safer side, it is always recommended that an organization keeps the financial records of at least 7 previous years. For the same, we recommend that you store the statements and documents in a safe space that is easily accessible to you. If you are facing some problems doing this, then startup experts at Ledger Labs can help you.

At Ledger Labs, you can find the best and most reliable startup accounting services at reasonable and affordable rates.

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