Getting Started with Ledger Labs

Well-researched and thought out onboarding practices to ensure smooth transition to world class accounting and bookkeeping services.

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What we are doing

Paving way for delivering accurate books quickly

We employ a simple three-step onboarding process. At each step, there will be a definitive goal and an action plan. Similarly, our requirements and deliverables will also be clearly defined right from the start.

All through the process, we will help you automate repetitive tasks, such as creating journal entries or reconciling account statements. This eliminates the need to collect and normalize data from other departments.

Additionally, we will use tools and platforms that will seamlessly integrate financial management capabilities, inventory and order management, HR, customer management, ecommerce and more.

Contact Us
  • Fill out the form, call us at 1-888-333-0992, or email us at info@theledgerlabs.com to initiate a discussion about your business requirements and get a demo of our services. 
  • A representative from our organization will connect with you can offer a demo
  • We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before initiating any process or going through your financial data. 
  • We will collect all the financial data and accounts required to analyze them at LedgerLabs.
Step 1
Discovery Call
  • We will schedule a file review with a dedicated CPA and file analyst to analysis your accounting and discuss your expectations and preferences.
  • We prepare and present up to three tiers of service options in a proposal for your review.
  • You review our proposal for questions or adjustments.
  • You select your service tier and accept the agreement.
Step 2
Setting Up
  1. We will assign and bring together a team for your agreement. 
  2. The Implementation Manager will connect with you to initiate the process.
  3. We will Seek VIEW ONLY Access to all your
  • Banks
  • Cards
  • Sales Channels
  • Accounting Softwares
  • Sales Tax application & State Portal
  • Payroll Processor & State Portal
  • Payment Processors
  • Shipping Portals
  • Warehouse Portals, If any
  • Inventory Reports

We can figure out alternate methods as well depending on your comfort level with sharing access.


Step 3
  • After Step 3, Our Onboarding Manager will be reaching out to you
  • You can expect to
    1 - Have a Detailed Accounting Process Mapping Chart
    2 - Have a Detailed Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Task list with Budgeted hours, Due dates & Responsible Person
    3 - Have an Overview of the steps to be performed to complete the tasks mentioned above
    4 - Converse about the process of accounts receivables
    5 - Converse about the process of accounts payables
    6- Converse about the process of Sales Tax, Quarterly Taxes, Payroll & Other Compliances
Step 4
Taking Off

We will

  • Start reviewing the books in further detail and will start cleaning up historical issues and redoing your financial statements structure, if needed.
  • Start reconciling & performing the daily activities like AP, AR, Recons, Inventory Review etc.
  • Start creating "Client Procedure Manual"
Step 5
Auto Pilot Mode

Now you will start seeing the  results with a 

  • Daily Transaction Review Report
  • Weekly Reports like AP / AR Aging
  • Weekly / Monthly Review Meetings
  • Monthly Recon Reports along with Monthly Closing Packet which includes more than 20 reports
Step 6
What's in it for you?

Why we are the best accounting services ever!

With over 12 years of experience, we have crafted thousands of processes and systems that enable us to improve your KPIs.

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Questions frequently asked by our clients

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An assigned team of dedicated accountants and bookkeepers will perform all the tasks related to bookkeeping. This team will serve you exclusively and will deliver all the required services to you.

Our clients appreciate us for delivering accurate accounts each time. This is possible because:

1. The same team will work on your accounts.
2. We will document and discuss every action with you.
3. We conduct an extensive three-level checking of the books to deliver accuracy.

Apart from this, we take full responsibility for any adverse or unexpected outcome that derives from our or our team members’ actions.

Ledger Labs is the perfect fit for your business if you or your business are:

1. An American company or its subsidiary
2. Relates in any manner to the financial sector or “numbers”
3. Generates more than $1 million in annual revenue from lawful operations.

Searching for:

1. Cutting edge and modern technology based accounting
2. Methods for securing all financial data and management strategies for high-level accounting
3. Ways to simplify accounting overall via the use of dependable and advanced costing and other types of reporting
4. Methods for generating and enhancing efficiency through accounting simplification.

We often try different tools and strategies to make our current client’s procedures easier. We do this with the aid of several advanced and well-equipped technologies. NetSuite is one of the ERP suites we utilize. To communicate with our clients and the teams, we use MS Teams, Skype, etc. Similarly, Asana and Clickup are among our project management platforms.

Your team of accountants may perform the closing of the books and accounts on several occasions. This is dependent on the kind of firm, the size of operations, and other business-related complications. However, generally speaking, our staff aims to deliver the accounts from the previous month during the first week of the subsequent month.

Given our efficiency, accuracy and speed, it is extremely improbable that you'd want to do that. However, if you do decide to terminate your agreement with us, you may do so by sending our staff an email expressing your desire to end the contract.

Within a week of your communication, our team of accountants will analyze the operations and performance of your company. During this time we will need to review your financial records and other information. For the same reason, it would be helpful for us and you, if your bookkeepers or accountants could respond to certain questions that may come up. It’s not absolutely necessary, though. We can still go on without communicating with them if we get the required documents.

Yes, you have the complete right to ask questions and seek clarifications. However, for the entire team to be accessible to answer, we only recommend contacting us during business hours.

In our experience of over 12 years it’s never been a challenge to work together remotely for our clients. Our bookkeepers and accountants connect with you for every purpose through phone calls, messages, emails, online meetings, conferences, or any other preferred method of communication.

No, you may want to shed your current accounting and bookkeeping employees once you’ve connected to our smart team. Your new Ledger Labs team will efficiently handle all the responsibilities associated with this domain. This crew will cater to you exclusively. They might need to speak to someone in your company, who need not be a bookkeeper or an accountant.

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We use a quick but efficient process to onboard new customers. We can immediately take care of all of your needs. However, it would be preferable if you gave us some time to research your company and its environment so we can understand it better. It might take anywhere between 30 and 60 days to finish the entire process of researching your business, optimizing the current accounting processes, creating, implementing, and reporting on policies.

Even if our accountant is on leave for some reason, rest assured your project won’t be affected in any way. Since we usually operate as a team, the absence of any accountants has no bearing on how business typically gets done.

Finance and accounting are sensitive functions. The results will not be seen overnight. However, your firm will begin to see the convenience of bookkeeping and accounting as promised within the first three months. If we get all the requested and due statements and bills on time, this period can also be shortened.

Your data security is vital to us. At Ledger Labs, we make every effort to safeguard your data and take all necessary precautions. Multiple encryption layers that can only be seen by the client and us, are used to tidy up the data. Additionally, two-factor encryption makes sure that only those with permission may access your data. Before bringing on new team members and staff, we undertake thorough background checks. For further dependability, we also execute a non-disclosure agreement with each of our clients.

Yes, we take care of all the requirements of your business as you desire. We assign a dedicated team to your business that takes care of all kinds of requirements including learning and matching the expectations of the customer, complying with payment schedules, connecting with vendors, and more. For the same, we can also publish a daily report if required.

Cash bookkeeping is specifically about the transactions related to cash or bank transactions. Hence, under this form of accounting, only the cash or bank receipts and payments are recorded. Whereas, accrual bookkeeping is a more sophisticated and inclusive approach to bookkeeping. Under this, all kinds of debts and receipts from all sources are taken care of for calculation. Majorly, all the big business houses use accrual bookkeeping techniques for better and more accurate accounting.

We've got over 12 years experience working with tons of companies from all kinds of industries. From high-growth potential startups to professional service providers, from eCommerce businesses to real estate, we have catered to the needs and demands of all kinds of businesses. Furthermore, you can directly connect with the experts at Ledger Labs to get more details about this query.

It’s very easy to commence working with Ledger Labs. After your discovery call and signing of non-disclosure agreement, all we'll need from you is:

1. Access to electronic transaction records for all sources
2. Software for expense reporting
3. This does not include introduction or accumulation of personal or non-business expenses.

Yes, we can support international companies as well but the only given condition for the same is that your organization must be a US-based entity only and no other. You may be working remotely from any other part of the world, but your company's roots should be from the USA.

Yes, we also do bookkeeping for companies with NSF SBIR grants. Our experts at Ledger Labs has years of experience working with the complications attached to NSF SBIR requirements like managing unallowable expenses, indirect costs, etc.

Our Services

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

3 Stage checks with most Plug n Play accounting team


Controller & Audit Services

Tighter Controls to stop leakage & faster close


CFO & Advisory Services

Understand the problems and create the right strategy


Tax Setup, Review & Filings

Every tax is USA covered, from registration to filings.

Netsuite certified accountant

70+ Certified Accountants

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We specialize in NetSuite Accounting and Bookkeeping services for small to midsize businesses.

Leverage our hands-on knowledge, years of multi-dimensional experience and organized workflows to tie hundreds of variables. You will never ever have to change your accountants again!

Top Notch Consulting

Get an industry-specific custom proposal and consultation now!

Schedule a free consultation now with Gary Jain, Co-founder at Ledger Labs. He’s a certified accountant with 12+ years of multidimensional experience in helping small to midsized businesses grow and manage their revenues.

Get hands-on knowledge and astute advice on your financials in an engaging power-packed 30 minutes session.

Always Included:

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Just fill out the form and get an email to schedule a meeting.

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Our Testimonials

See why our clients
love us!

Ariel Robinson Founder & CEO

My main problem always has been to know my accurate profits & this is precisely what ledger labs helped me with. They went through my entire supply chain costs, my monthly operational expenses, and COGS and got me the correct costing of my goods and the cost of running the business. Now I know how much I need to sell & at what price I should sell it to be profitable.

Patrick Nichols CFO

Since working with Ledger labs, our bookkeeping and Controller processes have been streamlined. The routine accounting tasks are managed on a predictable schedule, and checklists are used to ensure that all required documents are processed within the proper deadlines. We have improved the accuracy and timeliness of our financial statements and other crucial accounting functions at a lower cost than what was being paid to employees.

Amanda Fludd CEO

We have a unique business, and almost all the accounting firms we have engaged so far have been unable to get a hold of our business. But Ledger Labs really took the bull by its horn. They understood our business better than us & created a very customized process & systems to streamline our accounting department. We now have detailed step-by-step process documentation, checklists & schedule of reports.

Donna Thompson Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

We have been aggressively growing. They always have out-of-the-box solutions & don't rely on conventional approach or give us standard solutions. They always keep our business & process in centre before advising a solution.

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