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Virtual CFO Services

“We take your business, where you want it to be.”

Wiser Decision making

Understand business

Increase Profitability

What if you know:

  • How much capital you need to fund your business growth in next few months by X%
  • What shall I do to reduce my debt & still maintain healthy growth rate
  • How shall I plan my inventory purchases & other expenses so as to avoid working capital deficit?
  • How my competitors are faring vs me?
  • Which products are most profitable & on which sales channels I should sell more?
  • Shall I run discounts on my products & by how much ?
  • Where I am spending money & what can i do to reduce my expenses?
  • How can I reduce my cost of capital ?
  • Where would my business be in next few months?
  • How much shall I spend on certain categories & what shall be my limit to spend?

Want to see some of our Sample reports?

What does a CFO do?

CFO focuses on making your organization more valuable to shareholders and increasing the return on your business. They do this by forecasting cash flow, optimizing cost centers, managing corporate capital accounts, and introducing high-value processes. This means more cash, increased profit margins, and more opportunities for your company.

Here are several specific ways that our CFO-led services can deliver growth-propelling results:

  • Identify, efficiently measure and interpret the right KPIs for your firm’s industry, stage of growth and current set of opportunities/challenges
  • Challenge your assumptions and advance your strategic thinking and competitive positioning
  • Establish the realistic financial roadmap to accomplish your objectives
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of financial rhythms of the business
  • Provide insights into capital allocation decisions and options
  • Instill the ongoing rigor required to keep an eye on building value the market will recognize

Our Process

1. Identify the Challenges & Objectives

We will together work to identify your business objectives and the various challenges keeping you from achieving those objectives.

2. Evaluate the Gap between current state & desired objectives

We will identify & measure the gap between your current & desired state so as to have a measurable plan of action.

3. Developing the system & processes to achieve the objectives

It includes a detailed action plan along with the usage of applications, integrations and systems to achieve the objectives.

4. Constant Evaluation and optimization

After implementation, we will keep on evaluating and optimizing the processes and plan. The plan and processes are reviewed every quarter.

What We’ll Do For You

Budget planning & forecasting
  • Prepare monthly operating budget on the basis of financial & strategic objectives.
  • Forecasting company sales, costs, overheads, capital expenditures etc.
  • Tracking expenses vis a vis budgets & escalating in case of variance.
Debt Planning & Reduction
  • Calculate your real cost of capital & quantify your benefits of debt vs organic growth.
  • Consulting on taking up additional loans on the basis of business situation & current debt structure.
  • Preparing a debt reduction plan with timelines and steps to ensure sufficient liquidity.
Cash flow improvement & forecasting
  • Track & Predict Cashflows in & out of company.
  • Ensure sufficient cash is available to fulfill your liabilities & inventory purchase.
  • Reduce dependency on loans or chances of equity dilution.
Expense Analysis & Reduction
  • Suggestive alternative approaches to sidestep expenses.
  • Dividing expenses into High, Medium & Low impact categories.
  • Consistent monitoring of expenses & escalating in case of deviation from the plan.
Key metric benchmarking & trend analysis
  • Finding out the indicators which are crucial to your business growth.
  • Benchmarking them vis a vis your past performance & industry standards.
  • Analyze trend of your indicators from Past & Plan to improvise for future.
Product/Service costing & profitability analysis
  • Calculating actual cost of every product/service by analyzing different cost centers.
  • Understand cost of customer acquisition along with cost of delivery.
  • Review your profits for every sales channel and sales model you are using.

See Beyond what you can see!

Strategic Planning, not just reports

Accurate, timely reporting is essential, but you need financial guidance as you grow. Through detailed strategic planning, we touch on overall strategy as well as advise on strategic projects like pricing, evolving your business model, or developing strong competitive positioning. 

Investor Ready Financials

A well-organized board packet can set the right tone for productive discussions with crucial stakeholders. We’ll tailor a reporting packet that will impress your team and proactively deliver insights that will help your organization move forward.

Better Budget Control

Budgeting is the most important tool you have to keep your company thriving and on-course. We’ll help you craft a financial roadmap that curbs unbridled spending, motivates your team, and keeps stakeholders on the same page as you move closer and closer to your goals.

Raise funds or manage the recently closed funding

We’ll help craft your financial narrative and analyze your firm’s financial strengths and weaknesses, so we can answer investor questions with confidence. Then we’ll help allocate your capital with a focus on the highest return and an eye toward maximizing your cash runway.

KPIs that really matter in growth stages

As your business matures, you have to adjust the data you monitor to evaluate progress and make adjustments. But identifying the best KPIs to watch isn’t straightforward. Our seasoned CFOs will help you map out industry and growth-stage relevant KPIs and build processes to deliver them.

Aquire or Exit

Without strong financial leadership and proper preparation, an acquisition or an exit can leave tremendous value on the table. Our CFOs have the experience to lead a post acquisition overhaul of financial data, technology, and processes or to begin the process of positioning your firm for sale years in advance of your exit.


These dashboards are created after identifying the actual business KPIs which are crucial for business growth and decision making.

These are interactive which means you can change the parameters to play around with the data. you can drill down the reports to verify the underlying the data, you can export these reports in PDF for your investors & much more.

Why We are Better

Data backed Approach using advanced Statistics

We believe in numbers to be the absolute truth. We use advanced statistics and financial models to understand your business and impact of the various decisions.

Certified MBAs & CPAs with years of experience

Our team is comprised of MBAs & CPAs who have worked with Big 4s & have extensive experience in working with businesses of all sizes over the years.

Not just Suggest, But we Implement

We believe, Just giving you reports can not get you the success you deserve. We work with you in implementing the solutions that we devise.


Customer Testimonials

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Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
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John Doe

Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
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John Doe

Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a Virtual CFO different than an accountant?

Virtual CFOs are professionals in financial management. Asking a bookkeeper/accountant to assist your company in financial management and strategic planning is like asking a general contractor to take over the role of an Architect.

In the financial realm, accountants take care of the past, balancing books, reporting results and filing taxes. CFOs manage the company’s future, creating strategies, forecasts and pathways to achieve future goals.

2. Why (or when) do I need a Virtual CFO?

As your business grows, or if you’re planning for growth, your financial needs become more complex. Often your existing financial infrastructure and accounting reporting aren’t giving you the kind of visibility you need to make confident, financially sound decisions around growth.

You would benefit from hiring a Virtual CFO if:

  • Your company is growing fast, or you’re anticipating rapid growth in the near future
  • You need stronger insights when it comes to your company’s financial performance
  • You’re experiencing cash flow management challenges
  • You’re looking to buy a company, to raise money, or to sell off a portion of your company
3. How do you communicate with clients? Is it all over the phone?

At first, many CEOs have trouble visualizing how a Virtual CFO can help their organization. During our assessment review, we’ll show you specific examples of how your CFO can improve your company’s decision data and performance.

We will organize a combination of recurring phone calls and video meetings to interact with your team. Typically we will have a recurring call/meeting with your internal accounting lead weekly, a monthly financial review with the leadership team, and other check-in meetings with the owner/CEO for status updates and new initiatives.

4. What kind of team does our company gain access to?

Our full-service Virtual CFO clients are assigned a CFO, two accountants and a tax manager.

5. Our business is very different from regular businesses. Will your KPIs still help us?

We know finances very well. The focus of the KPIs are to figure out “what makes your company tick.” Once we have identified the main revenue drivers, we can successfully build a dynamic forecast that you can use to make solid financial decisions. We are constantly monitoring the KPIs to make sure that the assumptions that we are using are solid. And if not, we can dive into secondary KPIs to determine where things are going wrong. For instance, if we are forecasting a team Utilization of 60% and we are consistently falling short, we can dive further in to see if there is a systemic problem or if we simply have to lower our Utilization to a lower percentage. This deep dive is the one that brings next level of difference.

6. How soon can we start working together?

We have limited our onboarding to no more than 2 new companies per month. Depending on demand, you may have to wait a few weeks before we can officially get things started.

7. I'm nervous about giving you and your team access to my accounting infrastructure. How do you handle data security?

We offer secure data-transfer via a client portal and have never experienced data security problems.

8. Do I need to sign a contract?

Well, we do have a contractual system, whereby clients agree ad authorize us to work on their behalf. The idea behind this is to ensure a smooth working relationship.

9. How long will the on-boarding process take?

The on-boarding process can range from 1 month to 3 depending upon the scale of the business. There are several check-lists that we follow to ensure that the on-boarding process is completed effectively.

10. Will the same people always service my account?

Our Virtual CFOs all manage an experienced team. While that team may change (due to promotions, role changes, etc.) your assigned CFO will be your main point of contact and that will not change.

11. Why doesn’t my Controller do all these services you mentioned?

Your “Controller” is not really a Controller. Many companies have someone who they call their Controller. Often these individuals are involved in bookkeeping tasks (i.e. paying bills, running payroll, etc.). If your “Controller” is not involved in financial analysis, budgeting, overhead control and cash flow planning, then your “Controller” is more of a bookkeeper.

12. What size companies does Ledger Labs work with?

The need for good financial management is not a function of size; almost every business can benefit from the activities of a CFO. Generally though, we work with companies ranging from $1 million to $20 million in annual sales, although some are smaller and some are larger.

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