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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


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Losing sleep over routine bookkeeping tasks?

Accounting and bookkeeping are the most tedious tasks that can really eat into your work and play time. Especially if you're a small or mid-sized business owner with limited resources.

Over the last 12 years, we have seen a host of businesses encountering similar problems. They just manifest differently. So we created brilliant processes and powerful reporting procedures while we worked on solutions.

Now we’re sharing our experience and knowledge with you. Want in?

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Fully accountable for your accounts!

Accounting and bookkeeping are mundane tasks that can keep you from focusing on your core job: growing your business.

Do away with arduous tasks like preparing financial statements and ensuring tax compliances. We'll take care of them for you. No, we don't have a magic wand, but what we DO have are processes and tools for fast and accurate accounting and bookkeeping.

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We specialize in NetSuite Accounting and Bookkeeping services for small to midsize businesses.

Leverage our deep knowledge of accounting concepts and explore a super-organized process to tie 100s of variables. We guarantee that you'll never ever have to change your accountants again!

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Make Better Decisions Without Breaking Bank

With over 12 years of experience, we have crafted thousands of powerful processes and procedures that have enabled us to peel back the layers of your accounting and bookkeeping and to help you:

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Get an industry-specific custom proposal and consultation now!

Schedule a free consultation now with Gary Jain, Co-founder at Ledger Labs. He’s a certified accountant with 12+ years of multidimensional experience in helping small to midsized businesses grow and manage their revenues.

Get hands-on knowledge and astute advice on your financials in an engaging power-packed 30 minutes session.

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Client Testimonials

Our work speaks for itself. And so do our clients!

Ariel Robinson Founder & CEO

My main problem always has been to know my accurate profits & this is precisely what ledger labs helped me with. They went through my entire supply chain costs, my monthly operational expenses, and COGS and got me the correct costing of my goods and the cost of running the business. Now I know how much I need to sell & at what price I should sell it to be profitable.

Patrick Nichols CFO

Since working with Ledger labs, our bookkeeping and Controller processes have been streamlined. The routine accounting tasks are managed on a predictable schedule, and checklists are used to ensure that all required documents are processed within the proper deadlines. We have improved the accuracy and timeliness of our financial statements and other crucial accounting functions at a lower cost than what was being paid to employees.

Amanda Fludd CEO

We have a unique business, and almost all the accounting firms we have engaged so far have been unable to get a hold of our business. But Ledger Labs really took the bull by its horn. They understood our business better than us & created a very customized process & systems to streamline our accounting department. We now have detailed step-by-step process documentation, checklists & schedule of reports.

Donna Thompson Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

We have been aggressively growing. They always have out-of-the-box solutions & don't rely on conventional approach or give us standard solutions. They always keep our business & process in centre before advising a solution.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Questions frequently asked by our clients

You will get a dedicated team of 3 members: bookkeeper, accountant and manager who will record and manage your business financials regularly.

Our clients' unflinching trust is what keeps us in business. We've won our hard-earned reputation because:

1. We provide dualified and dedicated accountants
2. We document everything related to your business and its operations.
3. We conduct a thorough and multi-level check before delivering the final reports and financial statements.

Apart from this, word of mouth from our clients has helped us a lot. We also undertake full responsibility for our tasks, actions, and outcomes and do not overcharge you in any way until the assigned task is executed.

We are a good fit if your business is:

1. A US-based organization or a subsidiary
2. In any of the ways, connected with the financial domain or ‘numbers’
3. Reports a yearly revenue of at least 1 million USD, using legal means


1. Advanced and the latest technology
2. Different methods to safeguard all the necessary financial data
3. Different Management strategies and methods to control advanced and high-level accounting needs
4. Advanced, latest, and reliable cost-related and all other types of reporting
5. Methods to smoothen the accounting
6. Methods to develop and increase efficiency using the simplification of accounting

We believe in using various tools and modes to ease up the existing processes of our clients. We execute our deliverables with the help of latest technology. Further, we use all kinds of communication platforms including WhatsApp, MS Teams, Skype, etc. to stay in touch with you. Similarly, our project management tools include Asana and ClickUp.

Your bookkeeping will be executed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually as you choose. However, the added benefits that you get by updating the books regularly are significant and hence we recommend that all our clients should choose to get their books done monthly.

The closing of books and accounts will be executed by your dedicated accounting and bookkeeping services team on different dates. This will depend upon the type of business, the scale of operations, and other complexities. However, in general, our team closes the previous month’s accounts within the first week of the next month.

In the unlikely event of your choosing to end your contract with us, you can send our team an email regarding the same.

Our team of accounting and bookkeeping experts will begin reviewing your business operations within the first week of your communication. For this, we will require all of your financial statements and data. So we'll prefer that your accountants or bookkeepers can answer our queries. However, it’s not an obligation. We can easily proceed without this assistance as well.

No, if you think your books of accounts are messy and inconclusive, we will clean them up. We will use accurate cloud accounting techniques and platforms to synchronize the data as per your requirements. This will help us both understand them better.

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Absolutely! It's your right to ask questions and our priority to answer to them. Your team will always be available during business hours and you can connect with them through phone, message or email.

We will be quite comfortable working with you and for you remotely. Your team of bookkeepers and accountants will be available during business hours and you can connect with them via calls, texts, emails, online meetings, conferences, or any other mode of communication.

No, once you connect with our accounting professionals, you will not need any in-house bookkeeping and accounting staff. Your new team will serve you exclusively and will take care of all your accounting and bookkeeping tasks. However, our team may need to communicate with someone from your office who needn't be an accountant or bookkeeper.

We adopt a brief yet effective onboarding procedure for new clients. We can take care of all your requirements right away. However, it’s better if some time is offered to us for researching your business and its environment. The complete process of understanding your business, optimization of the existing accounting process, policy drafting, execution, and reporting may take somewhat between 30-60 days to complete.

Even if your accountant is away for some reasons, your work from our end will not be hampered in any way. We always work in a team and hence the absence of any account from either side does not affect the regular operations.

Accounting and bookkeeping are delicate matters. One can't rush into the results as it may have negative repercussions. Having said that, after the first ninety days your business will definitely start noticing the ease of accounting and bookkeeping. This duration can also be reduced if the process runs smoothly and we get all the statements and invoices timely from you.

We take your data security seriously. We at Ledger Labs, take all the preventive and safeguarding measures and decisions to ensure that your data is safe at all costs. We spruce the data using multiple encryption levels that can only be accessed by us and the client. Additionally, the two-factor authentication ensures that your data is accessible to only those allowed. We conduct an extensive background check before hiring employees and team(s). Lastly, we also sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients for increased reliability.

Yes, we at Ledger Labs, will revert your documents as soon as the books are updated or the contract concludes.

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