Top NetSuite Solution Companies: What to Expect?

Top NetSuite Solution Companies

Here is an extensive guide that will allow you to understand the services offered by top NetSuite solution companies and what to expect from them in 2023.

NetSuite is one of the most amazing ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions. With the help of this tool, small and medium businesses from around the globe are managing and controlling their companies. Moreover, as the platform provides other additional connections, integrations, and solutions, these make it very easy and convenient for the business to get centralized data along with utter control over various aspects of the day-to-day and other miscellaneous requirements of the business. 

The tool offers a varied scope of functions and services to the business. Using connections and integrations related to various services, the business can undergo and meet different requirements like CRM, HRM, Accounting, Payroll, and many others. This vastness of NetSuite is, undoubtedly, quite amazing and helpful. However, the same vastness also makes it hard to manage the service.

It’s not every business’s cup of tea to use and manage NetSuite and its allied services. So many factors, integrations, dashboards, filters, functionalities, options, and whatnot come into play that even the smartest of the managers and executives fail to use the software aptly and fully. 

This is where the top NetSuite solution companies come to your rescue. Just like the nomenclature, the main task of a NetSuite consulting company is to help you implement, control, and manage NetSuite for your business. These companies assist you with all the tasks related to NetSuite, however remotely. 

There are tons of services that any NetSuite partner can offer but some of these may differ from firm to firm. However, that being said, there are certain factors, features, services, or functionalities that you can expect and should get from any of the top NetSuite solution companies. 

With the help of this guide, we will have a look at the same. 

Here, you will find all the extensive details of the most common yet most important services that every NetSuite consulting company should offer to its client or partner for the ease of implementing, managing, and using the ERP tool name NetSuite. So, let’s go and have a look at the same right away. 

Common Services of Top NetSuite Solution Companies

Businesses can perform better and use the ERP solution with ease with the help of top NetSuite solution companies. Let’s have a look at the common and most expected services offered by any NetSuite consulting companies to their clients for NetSuite feasibility and active usage. 

1. NetSuite Implementation 

One of the best things about hiring NetSuite consulting companies is the unmatched success rate of NetSuite implementation. NetSuite is a fragile and sensitive platform that can easily break or hang if not proceeded cautiously. Hence, to protect yourself from such situations, you can seek the assistance of one of the top NetSuite solution companies. Such a company will allow you to understand the degree and technique of implementation of NetSuite. 

2. Cost Reduction 

One of the most important features or reasons why any business would even think about getting or hiring one of the NetSuite consulting companies is cost reduction. NetSuite itself is a very expensive tool. Every attribute, whether it’s an additional integration, collection or automation of data, or implementation of the platform costs a lot to the business. But when it comes to managing the attributes or the ERP tool, the costs increase even further. 

One of the most expanded responsibilities of any of the top NetSuite solution companies is that the same will suggest some ways to reduce the cost. The smart and insightful ideas of the consulting company would help the business in understanding how to proceed and use the tool for the best. 

For example, suppose a business needs to create a report from past sales data and forecast future sales using the same. There are two ways to undergo this, the business can either seek the help of the existing employees and ask them to analyze the data for the report of forecasting or can use the automatic functions of NetSuite for such a task. It’s not necessary that all businesses have an idea about how to use NetSuite for this task. Going with the other technique would result in the wastage of personnel hours and in turn increase the cost for the business. Whereas, using NetSuite for the reports will allow the business to save time and cost. 

3. Do the Best 

NetSuite is quite varied and contains a lot of functionalities. Without proper and extensive training, the business would not be able to avail of the benefits of NetSuite. You can seek the help of one of the top NetSuite solution companies for this task. As the experts with such companies are quite extensively trained and experienced with the tools performing under various businesses and industries, they will allow you to get the best out of the ERP solution with ease. 

You can direct the executives of NetSuite consulting companies about your requirements, quite particularly, and then get the required results. This allows the business to get appropriate data, reports, or results quite quickly without hitting and trying everything along the way. The work of the business is never hampered and an acute smoothness prevails in the toughest conditions. 

4. Feasible Integration 

Another great thing that you will surely enjoy after connecting with one of the top NetSuite solution companies is the ease of integration. If you are a business that has already implemented NetSuite. Then you must know that NetSuite performs the best when paired with necessary integrations. There are tons of integrations available like third-party CRMs, ERPs, HRM tools, payroll software, etc. You can integrate these platforms with NetSuite using connectors. This integration allows the business to get a centralized system, with all the necessary data and information from other apps as well. 

As there are multiple choices for integrations, it becomes quite tough for the business to decide which integration would be the best for them. This is what any of the top NetSuite solution companies can help you with. After understating the performance and requirements of the system. The company will suggest to you the exact need or scope of the integrations. The experts at such NetSuite consulting companies are quite experienced. And know everything about how and what can be beneficial for any business in any industry. So, it’s only wise to hire a third-party consultant for ease. 

5. Training 

You may be skeptical about hiring a third-party consultant for NetSuite for a longer period of time. How about you just hire them for a short duration and ask them to train your business personnel? Sounds right, doesn’t it? A lot of different businesses do feel comfortable outsourcing the NetSuite management services to the third-parties. For such businesses, the option of training is always present. 

You can take the help of one of the top NetSuite solution companies. And direct them to train your staff on how to use NetSuite. The executives from such companies will schedule the training modules and classes for your personnel. You can explain the degree of training you want for the employee. It is suggested that you opt for the complete training module for better control. 

However, there is a catch to the training. 

It may seem like NetSuite training is a one-time solution but the reality is quite the opposite. NetSuite is an ever-growing and ever-changing platform. The developers of NetSuite at Oracle, release regular and extensive updates with new features and modifications to the ERP solution. These updates are executed to make the tool even better for businesses. However, businesses may not be able to keep the staff up to date with the updates. Moreover, the business may be able to ignore or skip the features introduced in one or two updates. But after a few upgrades hit the floor, the business would need to conduct the training again. 

You can skip this issue to respective training by hiring one of the top NetSuite solution companies. These companies train their executives regularly, as such services are the mainstream work of the company. Hence, whenever a new feature or function appears with the update. The executives at the consulting firm would already know how to use it for the best of your business. 

6. Quick and Accurate Data Transfer 

As said earlier, NetSuite works in integration with other tools. For the same, you need to transfer the data from other existing business software to NetSuite. This transferring of data is at times complicated and time-consuming. Sometimes, the business may even have to wait for months after the implementation of NetSuite to actually use NetSuite. Just because the data transfer from other tools is not complete yet. 

One of the most crucial responsibilities of any of the top NetSuite solution companies is to assist the business with the transfer. The consultant will suggest when and how to transfer the data to and from which platform. Moreover, the consultancy will also help you in determining the period of transfer for better accuracy and time management. 

7. Ever-Improving Optimization

Another benefit that you get with hiring any of the smart NetSuite consulting companies is constant optimization. NetSuite changes regularly and apart from that, the dynamics of the tool are so vary that new features can be find and used anytime. This is only possible with a third-party consultant. As these first are working with various businesses and industries and employ various NetSuite experts. It becomes easy for them to optimize NetSuite according to the requirements of the business. Moreover, you even get areas of feature-specific executives and experts with the top NetSuite solution companies who are well-experience in the field or feature if and when the need arises.

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