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NetSuite partners list

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If you were also going through a NetSuite partner’s list but couldn’t decide which one to opt for or hire for your business and NetSuite implementation services, then this article will provide you with things to look for in a partner, what a partner brings to the table and various other aspects of hiring a partner and its benefits associated with your business. 

One of the best growth-centric decisions that a business will or has ever taken is the decision to go for NetSuite and implement the same and its services in the organization. Implementation of NetSuite symbolizes that a business is quite serious about its operations and is growth-centric as well. When the operations of the business or its overall size increase, the business starts bending towards NetSuite implementation and training. However, how would you, as a business, decide whether you should implement NetSuite or not? 

The answer is a NetSuite partner. 

Who is a NetSuite Partner?: NetSuite Partners List Edition

Just like the nomenclature, a NetSuite partner is a group or team or group of NetSuite express. These professionals have extensive and exquisite knowledge of NetSuite. They can help you decide whether you should proceed with NetSuite implementation or not. They can help you select the best and required modules for the implementation and much more. 

All-in-all, the task of the NetSuite partner is to help you with every single task or confusion associated with the ERP system. To select better, you can easily find various NetSuite partners listed for the same. But when you have no or limited knowledge about the industry, it becomes quite tough to select the best and the most appropriate one for your requirements. 

However, this decision becomes quite easy for the business management if they have certain information related to the same. Allow us to share the same with you using this guide. 

What are the Sources of NetSuite Implementation?: NetSuite Partners List and Others 

The first thing you should know is whether the NetSuite Partners List is the only option for implementation. The answer is no. When it comes to the implementation or even upgradation of NetSuite, the business has three alternatives to select from. In general, these three alternatives are: 

1. Self-Implementation

Firstly, you should know that even if you don’t want to go with a partner, you can even self-implement the ERP system. However, for this, experts suggest that you should have extensive NetSuite training or knowledge so that you can tackle the complications that may come along the way. The procedure to self-implement NetSuite is quite simple. You start by purchasing a subscription to NetSuite. Then, you select the modules or integrations you want for the system. And, lastly, you implement the same. 

However, this entire process is not as easy as it sounds. For this process, you need to set aside and assign some employees for the implementation. This process is quite complicated, extensively lengthy, and cost-increasing as well. 

2. Direct Implementation 

Another way to proceed with NetSuite implementation, apart from the one done using NetSuite Partners List, is to implement directly. In this method, you need to visit the official website of NetSuite, connect with a salesperson, and get some assistance related to implementation. 

3. Implementation with a NetSuite Partner 

The last and only remaining method to implement NetSuite is to take the help of a partner from the NetSuite Partners List. This partner, as explained above, will help you with each of the biggest as well as the smallest tasks associated with the implementation, pre & post-implementation support, and much more. If your business is fresher in the domain, then this is the safest option to proceed with. However, even within this category, you will find some sub-categories of the NetSuite partners as well: 

4. Solution Providers

These are the partners who can help you with everything related to NetSuite including implementation and post-implementation support. 

5. Alliance NetSuite Partners

These are the partners that can help you with the same tasks as the ones provided by the solution providers but only if you have purchased the subscription from the NetSuite salesperson. 

6. Commerce NetSuite Partners

These are the partners who have extensive knowledge related to NetSuite. This means that a fresher can get the best benefits out of these partners with ease. 

Should Or Should Not: How to Choose? 

Now you may ask whether you should proceed with a NetSuite partner or sit out the decision. The best way to get an answer to this query is to find the answer to the three questions provided below. These will help you understand whether you need an alternative from the NetSuite Partners List or not. 

Presence of an In-House NetSuite Experienced Team 

The easiest way to decide whether you need a NetSuite partner is to ask this. Whether an employee(s) in the organization has substantial experience with NetSuite and its implementation or not. Obviously, if the answer is no, then you only have one option to take the help of a NetSuite partner for better results. 

Will the Implementation Be Complex? 

The next question you should ask is will the entire process of implementation be easy and well-laid out or not. If yes, then you need to take the help of a NetSuite partner. You can ascertain the complexity by understanding the number of currencies involved, supportive software already in motion, requirements from the ERP system, etc. The higher the threshold of these requirements, the more you need the assistance of a viable alternative from the NetSuite Partners list. 

Do you have the Extra Staff? 

Lastly, what you should be asking as a business is whether you have the required staff within the company that can be set aside and assigned the task to manage the NetSuite or not. For most businesses the answer to this question would be no, as no business employees or retains extra staff in the organization, taking up the funds and office resources. If the same is with your business, then you need to take the help of one of the smart candidates from the NetSuite Partners List.

If you are still facing problems in deciding, the benefits of opting for a NetSuite partner as provided in the next section, will help you make an informed decision.  

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Partner from the NetSuite Partners List? 

Now that you know every single method there is to implement NetSuite, you may ask, what are all the benefits offered by the NetSuite partner? The next section of this article will satisfy your query. Below, you will find some of the most advantageous traits of hiring or opting for a partner from the NetSuite Partners List. Check these out to know more about the concept: 

1. Strong Customer Interactions 

One of the main reasons why businesses favor the NetSuite partner is because they offer active, pre, and post-customer interactions. This means whenever you face any problem during the integration, you will find the partner and its team by your side to help. You will get amazing support services from the partner that will help you in the long run as well. 

2. Cost Reduction 

As stated earlier, NetSuite partners and their teams have years of experience using and implementing the ERP system in various businesses, industries, and domains. You can take major advantage of this trait of any partner in the NetSuite Partners list for the greater benefit of your business. These experts will suggest to you down the road, which service you need, which module to install, how to fix a glitch and assist with various other problems. This will help you in saving tons in terms of finance. 

3. Customizations 

NetSuite ERP is highly customizable. You can add or remove modules as you want. You can proceed with various NetSuite integrations. The option to use connectors and joiners is also available. Won’t it be really amazing if you can get the maximum benefits out of the platform by using all these customizations and getting a custom-fit system that meets your requirements perfectly? Only a partner chosen from the NetSuite Partners List can make it happen. 

4. NetSuite Training 

If you don’t want to be in connection with the individual partners, then you can always ask the partner to provide NetSuite training to the employees of your organization. This will allow you to offer the required knowledge of the ERP system to your team and use the same when the partner is not there to assist you. 

5. Experience 

Here’s the best part. When you select a partner from the NetSuite Partners list, you get the advantage of expertise and experience. These partners and their teams have years of experience with various industries and businesses. There is not a problem that they can’t tackle. 

6. Amazing Return on Investment 

If you invest your money in the NetSuite partners, then these partners will ensure that you get an amazing return on investment. This does not mean that they pay you money, but this suggests that the partner offers so many advantages and services to the business that they can re-earn their investments in the long run. They will make all the tasks related to NetSuite easy for you. 

How to Select the Best from NetSuite Partners List?: Things to Look Out For

Now we are at one of the most important questions, how to select the best out of so many alternatives available in the NetSuite Partners List. The below-provided points will help you find the perfect solution to this query right away:

1. Experience With The Industry and Other Businesses

The first thing you should look out for before selecting any partner is experience. You should go for a partner who has substantial years of experience with the domain. Additionally, such a [partner should also have offered outstanding services to some renewed businesses in the past as well. 

You should ensure this without exception, especially find out how many businesses have they catered to related to your industry. This will allow you to trust the services as well as determine whether you are going to fall into a pit or not. 

2. Reliable and Relatable Certification 

Any reliable partner within the NetSuite Partners list will surely have a team of NetSuite experts who have extensive experience in the industry. However, apart from the experience, you should also ensure that the professionals possess relatable certifications for better reliability. 

3. Strong Recommendations 

If you can, try to connect with the past clients of the NetSuite partner. Have a conversation with the clients and try to understand their reviews for the partner. Ask important questions like whether they were supportive during the implementation, available post-implementation, etc. 

4. Understandability

The NetSuite partner should also be well-understood. Apart from the specific requirements stated by the management, a viable candidate in the NetSuite Partners List should also be able to present its views on the requirements of the business as well. Try to ascertain what can benefit your business the most and then proceed accordingly. 

5. Training Services 

You can not always be connected with the NetSuite partner. At a certain point, you would need to take over the control and management of NetSuite for your business. This is only possible through NetSuite training. The partner you opt for from the NetSuite Partners List should be open for training your team of employees if asked. This is a crucial element that safeguards that even your business and its personnel overlook the performance of NetSuite for better control and zero neglect. 

6. Post Implementation Support 

Implementation of NetSuite is not enough to proceed. Post-implementation support also plays a key role in deciding or choosing the best amongst the NetSuite Partners List. Implementation is a time-consuming and complex process, hence, the partner should be available to help you with anything and everything. 

7. Partner Firm Size 

You can easily find various big names in the industry who have offered NetSuite services to numerous businesses. This name and fame mean that such a partner already has too much on their plate. Hence, it’s smart that you go for a smaller or discreet name in the NetSuite Partners List. 

How Much Does an Average NetSuite Partner Cost? 

Now let’s down to business and talk numbers. The last yet one of the most promising factors that will help you decide in the favor of or against a partner is the cost of the partner. As you must have found, every NetSuite Partners list contains a lot of partner names. To select the best or ignore the decision, you should check out the cost of hiring the partner. 

The average price of consulting any NetSuite partner ranges somewhere between $150 and $250 for an hour. This does not include the cost of getting a subscription to NetSuite or implementing it, but only the fees charged by an average partner for their services. This is a substantial amount. If you think that your business has the required funds and desperately needs the help of the NetSuite partner, then proceed freely. 

NetSuite Partners List: Closing Words 

So, this was all that we had to offer in this guide explaining whether to go for a NetSuite partner or not. We hope that the data and facts provided above will allow you to make smart and better decisions for your business. The confusion may yet persist. Hence, to state the exact answer, yes, opt for a NetSuite partner. The option here does not mean that you hire a partner right away, but we suggest that you give it a try at the very least. 

Connect with one of the partners from the NetSuite Partners list, set up a meeting, explain your requirements and concussion to the partner, and then accept the help if necessary. Find out what the partner has to say about your business and its requirements related to NetSuite. Ascertain, how and how much can you benefit by implementing NetSuite in the business? This does not have any side effects, but will only help you grow.

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