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Simplify financial planning and analysis challenges with our optimized solutions. Designed to provide actionable insights, robust strategies, and accurate financial forecasting. We ensure streamlined financial planning analysis to help your business navigate the complexities with confidence.

At The Ledger Labs, we make FP&A straightforward and impactful. Let us help you achieve your financial goals and add value to your business!

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When it comes to eCommerce businesses and platforms, every organization’s purchase cycle and sales cost varies according to the industry and product types. The experts at Ledger Labs, bring together all the data from your business and present to you the same in a unified and well-sorted way. Additionally, all this is also done, keeping in mind the time limits and requirements of the company.

Our team at Ledger Labs is quite expert in processes and tools related to the costing as well as the management of the entire previous and existing inventory. These experts have years of experience in the domain and hence, can find out apt ways to manage and evaluate the cost of the inventory or the Cost of Goods Sold accurately.

We employ a dedicated team of personnel who can help you with sales tax evaluation and management, even if your in-house or hired help can't do the same. We conduct timely and thorough nexus checks as and when required. Additionally, we will also help you get all the required information about the new registrations of sales tax as well as the closures in the same domain.

The tenure of sales tax filing is quite different for every business. This difference is affected by and calculated using frequency of sales, goodwill of the company, total annual and monthly tenure, sales volume, revenue, geographical location, and various other factors. You can know more about the same after connecting with the Ledger Labs CPA.

We can help you with a unified and integrated accounting system that can bring together and record the transactions that are crossed from all the payment gateways. We check the same for you regularly and create thorough yet brief reports about the same.

We do not prefer taking the help of some advanced third-party tool or software to do ecommerce accounting. Rather, we use of in-house tools that help us automate the entire procedure and offer more extensive reports. This is because third-party tools have proved to be unhelpful for many companies and do nothing but create a hole in the pockets of organizations. Additionally, all the tools with Ledger Labs can be easily customized to meet the exact requirements of our clients' businesses.

Simply put, we're experts in the field. This is not something that we merely say, but have proven over the years successfully. We have immense experience in managing and meeting all the bookkeeping requirements of our ecommerce clients. We can deliver industry-specific services to you that suit your business the most. Additionally, we have worked previously with sellers and vendors at various popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more. Here’s what we mainly do:

1. Create and manage the accuracy of books of accounts and statements as and when required, generally, every month.
2. Share monthly statements with you to help you understand all the financial data collected from your business operations.
3. Year round and timely support to all of our clients whenever sought.
4. Provide insightful tips to improve the weaker areas and focus on improving KPIs for the greater good of your business.
5. Help you with every major and minor requirement and help needed for the growth of your eCommerce business.

Firstly, we will consume some time in investigating and understanding the performance and operations of your business. Then we will help you get well-maintained, easily understandable, and sorted books of accounts and financial statements. We also offer monthly reports to you showing every major growth-promoting area. Additionally, our experts at Ledger Labs can also help you get monthly data with Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and Balance Sheets.

Apart from this, we have extensive expertise in offering ecommerce specific and derived sales reports, Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables management, payroll reporting, invoice release and management, and a lot of other related services. To know more about the services or to convey your requirements, connect with us.

One of the most crucial but tough jobs to do is to calculate accurate COGS or Cost of Goods Sold. So many expenses are to be taken care of in an ecommerce business that it becomes quite hard for the business and its personnel to ascertain the exact value of the COGS. It’s easier said than done to calculate your Amazon business COGS. If you want to calculate the same, you can connect with the experts at Ledger Labs for help.

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