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We help you adapt and grow as your business needs change by providing a team of seasoned finance professionals helping you make the right choices

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Clear Business Strategy + Planning

Control over Finances & Leakages

Maximizing Value for Shareholders

World Class Reporting for Investors

Cash Management & Raising


Get Ready to Control your Business Finances!

Depending on Business Goals, Size, Stage & Current situation, Our CFOs chalk out strategies & tactics for better profitability & sustainablilty.

Understand your cash flow and projections
We help you understand what drives your cashflow fluctuations, how you can control & whats the future looks like with that cashflow.
Define Problems and their practical solutions

Our experienced accountants use data backed approach to identify the problems & help you find the practical solutions suitable to your business and situations

Control Costs & Increase Profits
Controlling costs is not as simple as reducing purchases or purchase prices. It needs logical assumptions and calculations, that is where we come in.
Understand and control your Business KPIs

Sales is not the only Performance indicator. We can identify more than 50 performance indicators & suggest how to keep them under control.

Create a sustainable business growth model
Discounts are not the solution to increase sales. Your decisions should impact your business growth for long term. We help you build the right fundamentals for long term sustainable growth.
Avoid Financial Disasters & Debt traps

Make business decisions which do not put your business in danger. Overstocking at possible slow season or taking too much debt at incorrect time can put your hard work in danger.


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What We’ll Do For You

Budget planning & forecasting

  • Prepare monthly operating budget on the basis of financial & strategic objectives.
  • Forecasting company sales, costs, overheads, capital expenditures etc.
  • Tracking expenses vis a vis budgets & escalating in case of variance.

Debt Planning & Reduction

  • Calculate your real cost of capital & quantify your benefits of debt vs organic growth.
  • Consulting on taking up additional loans on the basis of business situation & current debt structure.
  • Preparing a debt reduction plan with timelines and steps to ensure sufficient liquidity.

Cash flow improvement & forecasting

  • Track & Predict Cashflows in & out of company.
  • Ensure sufficient cash is available to fulfill your liabilities & inventory purchase.
  • Reduce dependency on loans or chances of equity dilution.

Expense Analysis & Reduction

  • Suggestive alternative approaches to sidestep expenses.
  • Dividing expenses into High, Medium & Low impact categories.
  • Consistent monitoring of expenses & escalating in case of deviation from the plan.

Key metric benchmarking & trend analysis

  • Finding out the indicators which are crucial to your business growth.
  • Benchmarking them vis a vis your past performance & industry standards.
  • Analyze trend of your indicators from Past & Plan to improvise for future.

Product/Service costing & profitability analysis

  • Calculating actual cost of every product/service by analyzing different cost centers.
  • Understand cost of customer acquisition along with cost of delivery.
  • Review your profits for every sales channel and sales model you are using.

Why We are Better

Data backed Approach using advanced Statistics

We believe in numbers to be the absolute truth. We use advanced statistics and financial models to understand your business and impact of the various decisions.

Certified MBAs & CPAs with years of experience

Our team is comprised of MBAs & CPAs who have worked with Big 4s & have extensive experience in working with businesses of all sizes over the years.

Not just Suggest, But we Implement

We believe, Just giving you reports can not get you the success you deserve. We work with you in implementing the solutions that we devise.




These dashboards are created after identifying the actual business KPIs which are crucial for business growth and decision making.

These are interactive which means you can change the parameters to play around with the data. you can drill down the reports to verify the underlying the data, you can export these reports in PDF for your investors & much more.

technologically advanced accounting firm

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