Reliable and excellent communication

Retaining Ledger Labs could be one of the best decisions I have made for my business. Carla, my dedicated bookkeeper, does a wonderful job, and I rely on her for all of my accounting, billing, and payroll needs. She and Ledger Labs have never let me down. Almost all of our work is done through email and scanning and there are rarely any communication issues. All of my accounting and bookkeeping requests are met timely and accurate.

Gary Jain


Hi, I am Gary Jain & I help business owners in taking control of their business finances by being a one-stop solution for all their accounting, taxation & CFO advisory needs.

Being an entrepreneur myself, having built and scaled businesses in a variety of domains, has helped me think from the perspective of the business owners and thus bringing in the clarity of the practical problems and their equally practical solutions.

Being from a humble background, I have always valued the importance of conserving resources & I dont like overspending businesses. I advise and work towards tightening the cash outflow tap and making business owners take a very different approach to managing their finances.

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