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Do you also face these challenges ?


  • Unsure in which direction is your business going?
  • Spending too much time in routine bookkeeping tasks than in business development?
  • Not confident about your numbers & not able to make decisions based on them?
  • Scrambling at the year end for catchup bookkeeping with mixed results?
  • Missing tax deductions by missing minute details in books?
  • Overpaying your accountant?
  • Always finding expenses or revenue being missed from your books?
  • Unable to invoice your clients on time and your AR keeps increasing?
  • Unaware how to price your service OR product? (based on data)
  • Unsure where to invest resources for maximum ROI in the business?

If answer to any of the above is a Yes, then you need us. Below is what we can do for you


Accounts Payable & Receivable

  • Managing POs & Vendor Payments
  • Invoicing Customers & Payments
  • AP/AR Ageing Reporting & Followup
  • Invoice Auditing & Cost Recoveries

Inventory & COGS Reconciliation

  • SKU level reconciliations
  • FIFO based accounting
  • Landed Cost calculations for COGS
  • Accounting for Lost/Found etc.

Banks & General Ledger reconciliations

  • CC & Merchant account reconciliations
  • Accrue/Prepay/Defer expenses & revenue
  • Bills & Invoices Payment reconciliations
  • Payroll & Tax reconciliations

Financial Statements & Custom Reporting

  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Cashflow Analysis & Forecasting
  • Budget vs Actual
  • Accounting Dashboard

Additional Compliance Services!


  • Payroll Registration
  • Tax Filings & Compliance
  • Payroll Processing
  • Employee Tax Optimization


  • Compliance & Nexus Analysis
  • Registrations & Filings
  • Ecommerce & Dropship Services
  • Letter Rulings & Audit Defense


  • Business Formation
  • Company Changes & Filings
  • Business Compliance
  • Taxes, License & Permits

What To Expect From Us

We know the value of a satisfied client. Every promise we make, is every promise we deliver.

Automations & Integrations

We focus extensively on technology. Our team develop inhouse tools & keep experimenting with latest tools and technologies.

Financial Statements with Commentary

Everyone talks about financial reporting. How many explain you the meaning of your numbers? We have mastered this art!

Dedicated Accountant & Contact

You dont need to talk to multiple people every time. We provide one dedicated Manager & bookkeeper for all type of communications!

Processes & Checklists

Very few firms do documentation of controls & processes. We deliver books via written & transparent process so that you know the source!

Tax Time Support

Don’t be afraid of tax season anymore. Our accountants would be taking over the responsibility & ensuring you file your taxes correctly & on time!

Less than 24 hrs Response time

We know that responsiveness is valued highly by any client & Its our SLA to respond to each and every communication within 24 hrs or less!

Three Stage checks for Accuracy

Our team will put in controls and every report goes through 3 stage check process to ensure consistency.

Saving time for yourself

Save more time for yourself & business. We will ensure that you don’t have to engage in daily non productive tasks for you.

Timely Financial Reportings

Make financials decisions on time with our consistent time bound financial reporting.

Get An Industry Specific Custom Proposal & Consultation

Schedule a Consultation with our Co-Founder Gaurev Jane. You’ll get to know how are you doing currently on accounting side & will get an expert opinion on what you should do next.


Always Included: 

  • Expert, Birds eye review on Your future goals & current situation

  • A milestone based roadmap to reach your goals

  • Estimated Price Range for our services in case you ask for it.

Never Included:

  • High-Pressure Sales

  • Endless Followups

  • Generic “Financial-Speak”

Feel Free to schedule the call. We believe in interacting more often with the businesses to keep a tab on the current business scenarios and try to be more relevant to the needs of our clients.


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John Doe

Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
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John Doe

Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
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John Doe

Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.
Phasellus ultrices nulla quis nibh. Quisque a lectus. Donec consectetuer ligula vulputate sem tristique cursus. Nam nulla quam, gravida non, commodo a, sodales sit amet, nisi.

John Doe

Head Of Marketing Exemple Inc.

Technology Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be doing my books? Will they be same people every month?

A team of a bookkeeper & an accountant will be dedicated to your business. Same people will work on your books every month. 

2. How do you ensure accuracy? Do you take responsibility for any unexpected outcomes?

We take pride in our accurate reporting, which helped us generate much bigger client base just from word of mouth. Core three Reasons

1. Same set of accountants working on your books.

2. Documenting every process and discussions.

3. Three Stage checks with first level, second level & third level review done before delivery of financials.

 We take full responsibility of the unexpected outcomes and wont be charging you anything additional until you get the desired results.

3. What type of businesses you work with?

We are a Good Fit, If Your business:


  • has an Annual Revenue between $1 million and $100+ million
  • is A U.S. company or U.S. subsidiary
  • Owner/Founder/CEO/CFO is interested in / significantly involved in the “numbers”
  • has a Management that desires and appreciates:
      • Best Practices – accounting processes & procedures that drive efficiency
      • Higher level accounting such as budgeting and forecasting, Scenario Modelling etc.
      • More advanced reporting such as product costing & department budget vs actuals.
      • Cutting edge technologies
      • Require better security around financial information
      • Have complexity in accounting (including but not limited to, complex commissions, foreign currencies, multiple entities, etc.)
4. What apps/platforms do we work with?

We are pretty much well verse with every latest tool and technology available as we keep on testing it out for improving our current client processes. You can check the section above showcasing some of the tools we work with.

5. When can I expect my financial reports every month?

Depending upon the business complexity and processes involved, the closing of a month may take different times. Generally we tend to close the books within first week after a month ends.

7. Can i end the contract in between?

Generally, we don’t have this situation with our clients, but in case you want to, you can end the contract anytime writing an email to your accountant.

8. How do i transform from my existing bookkeeper to you

We have traversed this path quite often. You just need to provide us access to your books & data storage. We will figure out your entire business by researching ourselves within one week. It will be great if your current accountant can answer some of our post review questions, if not, then that’s also fine. We know how to get past that as well.

9. Is Support available? Can i ask regular questions?

Yes, you can connect with your accountant anytime during working hours and they will be answering any questions you may have.

10. How do you work with us remotely?

We assign you a U.S.-based accounting manager & a bookkeeper & an accountant who will communicate with you in many different ways including phone, email, text message and zoom, whatever works best for you.

11. Do I still need in-house bookkeeping or accounting staff?

No. You may decide to handle certain accounting functions in-house, or we can become your complete virtual accounting department. The GrowthForce service team will need to liaison with someone on your staff however, they do not need to have accounting skills.

11. How long does it take to get started?

We have a disciplined, centralized onboarding process to make sure we are efficient with your time and you benefit from the highest quality system design we have to offer. We handle your books right away! However we take the time to really understand your business and incorporate your feedback in the onboarding process. Full design and optimization of your accounting systems, policies and procedures, and reporting needs takes sixty to ninety days.

12. What happens if my accountant is out and I have an emergency?

Just because your accountant needs to step away doesn’t rule out an outsourced relationship. The beauty of accounting services is that it’s team-based, and your partner firm will have the professionals—and processes—in place to continue successfully managing your account. 

14. How long does it take to see results from your services?

Remember: With a little patience, an outsourced relationship can be productive. After the first 90 days, your business starts to see new levels of organization. But in the meantime, an outsourced partner provides support if any issues arise during onboarding—and with a team to support them.

15. How do I know that my information is secure?

LedgerLabs puts security measures in place for all confidential information. Financials are stored in a data center with multiple levels of security that can only be accessed by Ledgerlabs and the client.  In addition, sensitive information is encrypted and uploaded to the client’s private portal.  There is a two-factor authentication to login to the portal to safeguard accounts and information at all times. Employees must pass a background check to be hired at Ledger Labs, and the company is fully insured for cyber and crime security.

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