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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

“We focus on the details so that you don’t have to.”

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Do you also face these Challenges ?


  • Need help determining which direction is your business going?
  • Spending too much time on routine bookkeeping tasks than in business development?
  • Not confident about your numbers & not able to make decisions based on them?
  • Scrambling at the year-end for catchup bookkeeping with mixed results?
  • Missing tax deductions by missing minute details in books?
  • Overpaying your accountant?
  • Always finding expenses or revenue being missed from your books?
  • Unable to invoice your clients on time and your AR keeps increasing?
  • Unaware of how to price your service OR product? (based on data)
  • Unsure where to invest resources for maximum ROI in the business?
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If answer to any of the above is a Yes, then you need us.
Below is what we can do for you

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Accounts Payable & Receivable

  • Managing POs & Vendor Payments
  • Invoicing Customers & Payments
  • AP/AR Ageing Reporting & Follow-up
  • Invoice Auditing & Cost Recoveries
Inventory & COGS Reconciliation

Inventory & COGS Reconciliation

  • SKU level reconciliations
  • FIFO based accounting
  • Landed Cost calculations for COGS
  • Accounting for Lost/Found etc.
Banks & General Ledger reconciliations

Banks & General Ledger reconciliations

  • CC & Merchant account reconciliations
  • Accrue/Prepay/Defer expenses & revenue
  • Bills & Invoices Payment reconciliations
  • Payroll & Tax reconciliations
Financial Statements & Custom Reporting

Financial Statements & Custom Reporting

  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Cashflow Analysis & Forecasting
  • Budget vs Actual
  • Accounting Dashboard

Additional Compliance Services!



  • Payroll Registration
  • Tax Filings & Compliance
  • Payroll Processing
  • Employee Tax Optimization


  • Compliance & Nexus Analysis
  • Registrations & Filings
  • Ecommerce & Dropship Services
  • Letter Rulings & Audit Defense


  • Business Formation
  • Company Changes & Filings
  • Business Compliance
  • Taxes, License & Permits

What To Expect From Us

We know the value of a satisfied client.

Every promise we make, is every promise we deliver.

Automations & Integrations
Automations & Integrations

We focus extensively on technology. Our team develops in-house tools & keeps experimenting with the latest tools and technologies.

Financial Statements with Commentary
Financial Statements with Commentary

Everyone talks about financial reporting. How many explain the meaning of your numbers? We have mastered this art!

Dedicated Accountant & Contact
Dedicated Accountant & Contact

You don’t need to talk to multiple people every time. We provide one dedicated Manager & bookkeeper for all types of communications!

Processes  & Checklists

Processes & Checklists

You don’t need to talk to multiple people every time. We provide one dedicated Manager & bookkeeper for all types of communications!

Tax Time Support
Tax Time Support

Don’t be afraid of tax season anymore. Our accountants would be taking over the responsibility & ensuring you file your taxes correctly & on time!

Less than 24 hrs Response time
Less than 24 hrs Response time

We know that responsiveness is valued highly by any client & It’s our SLA to respond to each and every communication within 24 hrs or less!

Three Stage checks for Accuracy
Three Stage checks for Accuracy

Our team will put in controls and every report goes through 3 stage check process to ensure consistency.

Saving time for yourself
Saving time for yourself

Save more time for yourself & business. We will ensure that you don’t have to engage in daily non-productive tasks for you.

Timely Financial Reportings
Timely Financial Reportings

Make financial decisions on time with our consistent time-bound financial reporting.

Get An Industry Specific Custom Proposal & Consultation

Schedule a Consultation with our Co-Founder Gaurev Jane. You'll get to know how are you doing currently on accounting side & will get an expert opinion on what you should do next.

Always Included:

  • Expert, Birds eye review on your company's financial health, processes, any points of concerns & future growth plans.
  • A milestone based specific roadmap to reach your goals.
  • Learning about what type of services you need & if we can help you.
  • Estimated Price Range for our services in case you ask for it.

Never Included:

  • High-Pressure Sales
  • Endless Followups
  • Generic "Financial-Speak"

Feel Free to schedule the call. We believe in interacting more often with the businesses to keep a tab on the current business scenarios and try to be more relevant to the needs of our clients.

Fill out the information to the right, or if you are available right now, give us a call at (888) 333-0992


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Customer Testimonials

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We have been working with Ledger Labs for the last 3 years & we really like their customer-centric service. The accountants and bookkeepers do take our business as theirs. We see consistent follow-ups from them in case we don’t respond to some of their questions. They regularly pull unusual transactions from our books and treat them as per IRS standards. They always have suggestions and help us optimize our books for tax time.

Senor Tomas

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It took a huge leap of faith to choose Ledger Labs, Inc. We found it difficult to send over secure financial information over the internet to people who are all across the US. But we were already struggling with the high costs of our in-house accounting staff who also did not have the desired skillsets and holistic experience to tackle our challenges. Our bookkeeping was a colossal mess & with no standard process for organizing data. Choosing Ledger Labs was a great decision as we found that all the data was being stored on central servers which I believe have limited access. Also, we see better reporting and very less headaches around solving routine finance department issues as their controllers manage it all for us. I recommend them to anyone looking for outsourcing their entire accounting headaches at a very low cost.

D.B. Martin

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Retaining Ledger Labs could be one of the best decisions I have made for my business. Carla, my dedicated bookkeeper, does a wonderful job, and I rely on her for all of my accounting, billing, and payroll needs. She and Ledger Labs have never let me down. Almost all of our work is done through email and scanning and there are rarely any communication issues. All of my accounting and bookkeeping requests are met timely and accurate.

Kayla Harris

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Our Business has evolved significantly over the last 8 years. Ledger Labs helps us with accounting, bookkeeping & taxation services. What I like the most about Ledger Labs is their friendliness and that they are always easily accessible. They respond to our needs very quickly and there is always someone that will explain everything in a very professional and adequate manner. They have made a significant difference in providing peace of mind by insuring all my accounting is done correctly and therefore I don’t have to worry about that aspect of my business.

Ariel Robinson


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be doing my books? Will they be same people every month?

We will dedicate a team of bookkeeper(s) and accountant(s) who will record and manage your business operations every month.

2. How do you ensure accuracy? Do you take responsibility for any unexpected outcomes?

The trust of our clients is the only thing that has kept us going throughout the years. There are three main reasons behind this:

  • Verified and dedicated accountants and personnel work on your accounts.
  • We document everything related to the business and its operations.
  • We conduct a thorough and multi-level error check before delivering the final reports and financial statements.

Apart from this, word of mouth from our clients has helped us a lot. We also undertake full responsibility for our tasks, actions, and outcomes and do not overcharge you in any way until the assigned task is executed.

3. What type of businesses you work with?

We are a Good Fit, If Your business:

  • A US-based organization or a subsidiary
  • In any of the ways, connected with the financial domain or ‘numbers’
  • Creates a yearly revenue, using legal operations, of at least $1 Million.
  • Advanced and the latest technology
  • Different methods to safeguard all the necessary financial data
  • Different Management strategies and methods to control advanced and high-level accounting needs
  • Advanced, latest, and reliable cost-related and all other types of reporting
  • Methods to smoothen the accounting
  • Methods to develop and increase efficiency using the simplification of accounting

4. What apps/platforms do we work with?

We are habitual in testing various tools and techniques to ease up the existing processes of our present client. We execute this with the help of different well-endowed and latest technologies. We use all kinds of platforms including WhatsApp, MS Teams, Skype, etc. To community with our clients as well as the teams. Similarly, our project management tools include Asana and Clickup.

5. Should I have my bookkeeping completed every month?

The completion of bookkeeping can be executed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually as you want. However, the added benefits that you get by updating the books regularly are unmatchable and hence we suggest to all of our clients that they allow us to conclude the books monthly.

6. When can I expect my financial reports every month?

The closing of books and accounts may be executed by the team of accountants on different dates. This depends upon the type of business, the scale of operations, and other complexities of the business. However, in general, our team tries to close the previous month’s accounts within the first week of the next month.

7. Can i end the contract in between?

This is a highly-unlikely situation that rarely appears. However, if you, in any case, want to end the contract with us, then you can do the same by sending our team an email regarding the same.

8. How do i transform from my existing bookkeeper to you

This situation often appears while dealing with finances. Our team of experts tries to study the performance and working of the business within the first week of your communication. For this, we require all of your financial statements and data. For the same, it is quite beneficial for us and in turn you, if your accounts or bookkeepers can answer some queries generated after the review. However, it’s not an obligation. We can easily proceed without this assistance as well.

9. Do I need to clean up my books before I hand them over to Ledger Labs?

No, if you think your books of accounts are messy and inconclusive, we will clean up the same for our and your understanding. We will use accurate cloud accounting techniques and platforms to synchronize the data as per your requirements.

10. Is Support available? Can i ask regular questions?

Yes, you have a full-on opportunity to ask any type of questions as and when required. But we recommend connecting with us during the but only within the working hours so that the complete staff and team are available to answer.

11. How do you work with us remotely?

We are quite comfortable working with you and for you remotely as well. For this, we will direct our bookkeepers and accounts to connect with you via calls, texts, emails, online meetings, conferences, or any other mode of communication you desire.

12. Do I still need in-house bookkeeping or accounting staff?

No, once you are connected with the smart personnel at Ledger Labs, you may remove your existing or in-house bookkeeping and accounting staff as the new team dedicated by us will take care of all the tasks related to this domain for your business. This dedicated team can work for you virtually. However, the team from Ledger Labs may need to communicate with someone at your office but that need not be an accountant or bookkeeper.

13. How long does it take to get started?

We employ a brief yet effective procedure for the onboarding of new clients. We can take care of all your requirements right away. However, it’s better if some time is offered to us for the study of your business for a better understanding. The complete process of understanding the business, optimization of the existing accounting process, policy drafting, execution, and reporting may take somewhat between 60-90 days to complete.

14. What happens if my accountant is out and I have an emergency?

Even if your accountant has to get away due to any reasons, does not mean that your work from our end will be hampered in any way. We always work in a team and hence the absence of any account from either side does not affect the regular operations in any way.

15. How long does it take to see results from your services?

Accounting and financing are delicate matters. You can not rush into the results as they may have repercussions. After the completion of the first ninety days, your business will start noticing the ease of accounting and bookkeeping as promised. This duration can also be reduced if the process runs smoothly and we get all the due and asked statements and invoices timely.

16. How do I know that my information is secure?

Your safety is our priority. We at Ledger Labs, take all the preventive and safeguarding measures and decisions to ensure that your data is safe at all costs. We spruce the data using multiple encryption levels that can only be accessed by us and the client. Additionally, the two-factor encryption ensures that your data is accessible to only those allowed. We conduct an extensive background check before hiring employees and team(s). Lastly, we also sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients for increased reliability.

17. Will you return my documents?

Yes, we at Ledger Labs, will revert the documents back to you as soon as the books are updated or the contract concludes.

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